Hangelier 2.1 from Organelle Design | Normann Copenhagen's Hang On Hanger from A+R

Who knew hangers could look so cool out of your closet? That jumbled wall hanger might be a fun DIY!

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7 Responses to peas in a pod

  1. Jane says:

    Your blog is so cute. What fun things to do with hangers! Makes me rethink throwing away the bunch I don’t use.

  2. trishie says:

    Ha! The hangelier looks pretty awesome.

  3. LOVING the coat rack, such a fun idea!

  4. Holly Foxen Wells says:

    These little art installations are So cool! Loving the idea!
Holly Foxen Wells


  5. Erica says:

    You are giving this DIY girl some awesome ideas!!

    Hope ‘Le Toby’ had a great Halloween :)

  6. Megan {a ray of sun} says:

    What a unique idea! At first, I didn’t even realize that the lamp cover was made of hangers! Cute!

  7. Alyssa says:

    Oh, that’s such a fun DIY! Especially if you sprayed them neon or something. Hm, the wheels are turning…

    The Glossy Life