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Peeps in hot chocolate from Zakka Life | Peeps Lemon Curd Cake from A Happy Hippy Mom | Peeps S'mores from Eclectic Recipes | Peeps brownie bites from Love from the Oven

Whenever I get my hands on a package of Peeps, I usually open it, leave it on the kitchen counter for a few days, and then chow down once the marshmallows are nice and stale. Gross, right? You don’t have to sink down to my level, people! Use your Peeps for greater good with these sweet treat ideas. Those brownie bites might be making an appearance at Easter dinner this weekend – so cute!

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16 Responses to shout out to my peeps

  1. Jillian says:

    The coffee one is cute! Kind of reminds me of a rubber ducky in a bathtub.

  2. rooth says:

    Aww, the smores peeps kind of make me sad :)

  3. Aubrey says:

    As true Peeps lovers at our house, I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to try, um, *ALL* of these!! Especially the s’mores, whaaaaaat??? That’s just too genius!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Peeps are so classic! That cake looks amazing!

  5. Rowena says:

    What inspired ways to serve Peeps! Those s’mores look so fun. Thanks for sharing!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. Rachel says:

    Oh man – stale peeps are the BEST! People who have never tried this have no idea what delicious goodness they are missing out on.

  7. Laicie says:

    Ohhhh peeps are my FAVORITE. And I like them stale too, it’s okay. ;)

  8. Lena says:

    I can get down with adorable, squishy and sugar-filled!

  9. Valerie (Pieceful Wedding) says:

    Oh my gosh, these are so cute! Now I want peeps! :)

  10. McKenna Ryan says:

    What a fun board of Easter inspiration. xx. McKenna Lou
    p.s. We are so excited about our newest giveaway c/o Honey Press! Be sure to check it out:

  11. Emily says:

    Oh my gosh this just made my day because I TOTALLY wait for the Peeps to get stale too! So glad I’m not alone!! Such cute finds– need to try them in hot chocolate now…
    xx, Emily

  12. Rachel says:

    I love peeps- they are even better when they are a little stale. I need to make peep s’mores ASAP!

  13. allison says:

    The s’mores and hot chocolate are straight up brilliant! Love those ideas! yumm

  14. Alyssa says:

    Haha ok first, love the title. Second–I kind of hate the taste of Peeps…I hope that doesn’t make me an Easter Grinch. However they ARE adorable, so I’m happy to have them around anyways!

  15. Maddy says:

    Stale peeps?! I guess I have heard everything ;) never been a big fan, but I do love all the cool things they make out of them :)

  16. Kyla says:

    I totally just giggled at this title ;) My family still buys them for Easter every year! And peeps brownie bites? Genius!