girl scout inspired treats
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Samoa Baked Donuts from Top With Cinnamon | Thin Mint Whoopie Pies from Some Kitchen Stories | Grasshopper Cupcakes from Your Cup of Cake | Tagalong Bars from Cookies & Cups

On my honor, I will try…to make and gobble up all these delicious treats. If the world was a perfect place, there would always be a pack of cute little Girl Scouts hanging around when cravings for Thin Mints and Tagalongs hit, but alas, it is not. So tragic. Go ahead and ease your pain with these delicious Girl Scout inspired goodies – all will be right again after one or two (okay, three) of those Samoa donuts!

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18 Responses to girl scouts honor

  1. Kyla says:

    Ugh, how did you know I was craving donuts?! Those look amazing. Thin mints are my favorite though, I didn’t get any this year but I’ll be making those whoopie pies at some point for sure!

  2. domestikate says:

    I first experienced girl scout cookies when a friend from Austin came to visit me a few years ago – and now she regularly posts them over to me! The samoas are my fave!

  3. Sadly, I am deprived of these delicious treats! :(

  4. little t says:

    The mint whoopie pies look gooooood!

  5. Samoa’s are my favorite! I always buy like 5 boxes!

  6. Ashley from A Witty Life says:

    I’m glad I came across your blog, I’d eat so many of those Samoa donuts. The presentation is so great. :)

  7. jackie jade says:

    yummmm! everything here looks so delish! girl scouts samoa cookies are my fave!

  8. Erica says:

    Now, I won’t have to wait for a girl scout to come knocking at my door! :)

  9. Oh. my. god. Those Samoa donuts need to get in my belly!

  10. Valerie (Pieceful Wedding) says:

    I am so addicted to Girl Scout Cookies, and these desserts definitely don’t make it easier on me! :)

  11. Johanna says:

    Dear God…I am so glad these aren’t living in my kitchen!

  12. McKenna Ryan says:

    I need to make those homemade samosas! So yummy! xx. McKenna Lou

  13. K says:

    Oh wow, the Samoa donuts are my first choice as well!

  14. Alyssa says:

    Girl scout cookies are my weakness–Love the idea of grown-up treats after them!

  15. Milynn says:

    Tagalong bars. Oh my goodness!

  16. Rachel says:

    YUM! Anything that is similar to a Samoa has my heart. And my stomach.

  17. oh my goodness, these look amazing!