rabbit inspired goods

The Zoo Bunny Animal Hook from The Modern Baby | Bunny Motive Ballet Flats from Le Bunny Bleu | Miffy Animal Stud Earrings from ArtFire | Rabbit Head Jar from Pure Home | Tassel Bowler Bag from ASOS

Rabbit rabbit rabbit! Here are some sweet bunnies to help usher in the new month. And on that note, how the heck is it July already?! Very confused over here.

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9 Responses to rabbit rabbit rabbit

  1. the bunnie ballet flats r sooooo darn cute! Tempted to buy a pair for moi! But, what if I am stalked by real bunnies – that’s a good thing as I already have been bribing the ones around here with carrots to stay around :)

  2. Alexa says:

    Oh so so cute! Love the little flats!

  3. Aww bunnies, I love it! It’s funny… our neighborhood is inexplicably full of bunnies, I swear they truck them in (and truck the squirrels out… it’s a conspiracy. ;))

  4. Love the bunny logo on that bag… Very cute!

  5. Adorable, as always!

    And I’m equally confused over here. Was it just New Year’s?

  6. rooth says:

    Those earrings are the cutest. And how indeed. I feel like it was just January yesterday