btis of summer

Patrice and Béatrice Plush Toys from Smallable | Popsicle Studs from Kate Spade | The Baba Shopper from Baba Souk | Beaches Glasses from Sisters of Los Angeles | Sunglasses Photo Frame from Urban Outfitters

I know back to school sales are in full swing, but I’m still clinging onto bits of summer as long as possible. After a fun weekend of strolling around in the sunshine, picnicking in the park with friends, and sipping on fresh squeezed lemonade, I don’t want this fabulous weather to end!

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8 Responses to wishing for an endless summer

  1. Neither do I! I’m just dreading the start of fall because it’s means winter’s not far behind.

  2. Jill says:

    I can’t believe “You’re Next” didn’t make this recap. Is good cinema dead to you?!!

  3. Alexa says:

    Dying over that cute tote!

  4. Jane Y. says:

    amen times 10 to this! i don’t want this weather to end either!

  5. Alison says:

    Endless summer, that sounds fabulous! Love that watermelon bag.

  6. Mariko says:

    I’m with Rachel. Those popsicle studs are the bees knees.

  7. rooth says:

    I’m with you. Except it’s creeping back into the 100s this week so maybe summer could chill out a little bit?

  8. Rachel says:

    Those popsicle studs are too cute!