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Typography cake from A Subtle Revelry

My birthday wish this year was to spend it relaxing on a beautiful beach somewhere, and it’s actually coming true! Hubs and I are heading to Turks and Caicos to celebrate my first destination bday ever, so I’m bouncing off the walls with excitement like a hyperactive 5 year old. Things will be a little quiet around here, but I’ll be taking lots of pics to share with you when I get back :-) Happy Friday!

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21 Responses to a little birthday break

  1. michelle says:

    that picture is darling! have a happy birthday :)

  2. I am beyond jealous! I hope your birthday was fab (um, how could it be anything but while on an island getaway?!). Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  3. Alison says:

    I hope you had a great birthday! I can’t wait to see photos!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Can’t wait to get a celebratory drink when you get back!

  5. Alexa says:

    Yay! Hope you are having an awesome time Gloria. Happy Birthday!

  6. Oh my gosh have an AMAZING time!! Happy birthday!!

  7. Happy birthday, Gloria! Hope you get an equally pretty cake :)

  8. WOW that will be amazing!

  9. Rachel says:

    This is amazing!

  10. trishie says:

    Sounds wonderful! Have a great trip and happy birthday.

  11. Stephanie says:

    Have a wonderful trip, Gloria! Can’t wait to see the photos!

  12. rooth says:

    Happy birthday and have a wonderful trip!

  13. Sally says:

    Wow, that sounds absolutely amazing! I hope you have an amazing and relaxing time, and a wonderful birthday! Can’t wait to see the photos!

  14. Aimee says:

    woot woot have a blast! Happy Birthday! :)
    xoxo Aimee

  15. Jane Y. says:

    How exciting! Have a great time! Happy happy happy birthday! :)

  16. Sarah says:

    That sounds like an amazing birthday! Have a great time!

  17. Lena says:

    Happy, happy, happiest birthday, and bon voyage!!

  18. You lucky, lucky duck! I cannot wait to see photos of the gorgeous beach and your adventures. Happy birthday!

  19. Mariko says:

    Whoa! That’s awesome! Have a great time. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  20. Erin says:

    Whoa, chica! What a way to celebrate a birthday indeed!! Can’t wait to see lots of photos! Have tons of fun and tons of cocktails! xo

  21. Johanna says:

    Happy birthday munchkin! That sounds like an amazing trip – thanks for helping me with more blog design work. You rock!