John Breed rainbow legs

via Colossal

Aaand we’re back! Thank you all so much for the sweet birthday wishes. I’m still shaking sandy daydreams out of my brain and getting photos in order, so please enjoy this incredible art installation by John Breed in the meantime. Aren’t the colors just phenomenal? It was created for a German shoe store, Breuninger, and each of the 145 legs in this heavenly rainbow is wearing a unique shoe. He describes it as an homage to the “madness of women about buying shoes” – ha!

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12 Responses to she’s got leeeegs

  1. Happy birthaday love!!!! Wishing you the best!!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Wow, that is really eye catching. Welcome back from your trip! Looking forward to seeing your snapshots!

  3. Rachel says:

    Whoa this is so cool!

  4. Rashi says:

    This is awesome!

    You share some really fun things on your blog—loving it!

  5. Ali Mackin says:

    This is wonderful and I love it homage to women and their madness with shoes great!

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  6. Sarah says:

    What a fun installation! Welcome back, hope you had a great time :)

  7. Alexa says:

    That is insane! A leggy rainbow…how awesome! ;) Glad you had an amazing birthday on the beach, Gloria!!

  8. Jane Y. says:

    wow! this is incredible! the colors are eye popping! glad you had a good time! can’t wait to see the pictures!

  9. Erin says:

    Aw yay, welcome home!

  10. Colors and shoes! Wow, this is amazing!

    Looking forward to your photos, Gloria!!

  11. Johanna says:

    That is one killer installation. I’m such a sucker for color!