Toby playing dead
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Toby has a very hard time understanding that you can’t peek when you play dead!

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11 Responses to the possum

  1. Lynn says:

    awe, what a sweetie! the peek has stolen my heart entirely.

    speaking of pups, thanks for the Tayeh love Gloria!! she’s a handful, as i’m sure you can imagine but we adore every second. yah to puppeh pals!!!

  2. Lena says:


  3. Jane Y. says:

    oh my goodness! he’s so adorable!! wish i can have play dates for him and piri :)

  4. Sally says:

    Ha haaa! Such a great photo, he’s ridiculously adorable!

  5. Oh. my. gosh. What the cutest thing ever!!! Love him!!

  6. OMG How adorable is he. My pup does that exact same thing or tries to get under the pillows.

  7. Toby president, Toby president! :D

  8. OH my gosh… I die. What a cutie!!

  9. Alison says:

    So cute!! I love a dog with a good personality!

  10. oh my goodness he is such a charmer!
    just saw the post of his french costume…so amazing :)

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  11. Erin says:

    Tobyyyyy! This is Fitz’s favorite position too, only more bent in half so his head is near his back legs. Because that makes so much sense. xo