chalkboard wall ideas
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Living Room | Bathroom | Dining Room | Kids Room

I’ve been smitten with chalkboard walls ever since we inherited one in our kitchen, and apparently they look pretty fantastic in the bathroom too. And the dining room. Oh and the kids room. And, well, probably even the broom closet!

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16 Responses to chalky goodness

  1. oh. my. gosh. yessssss. I’m especially loving the gallery wall in that living room!!!!

  2. That bathroom is pretty amazing!

  3. Ada says:

    I’m smitten w/chalkboard paint as well. THough lately, dryerase paint has been winking at me. I also have a chalk board wall in my kitchen too. I love the contrast in color … black vs my white cabinets + blue walls. What a cute ‘faux’ bathroom mirror too!

  4. I love chalkboard walls!! I’ve decided, when I get a house, I’m making at least one of the walls chalkboard! Love your kitchen, Gloria… and that bathroom! So cute! That’s my kind of mirror ;)

  5. Alison says:

    Chalkboards never get old! I think this is because you can do so many things with them!

  6. I adore these chalkboard walls. They look great in all types of rooms (when done “right” of course…)


  7. michelle says:

    Love the frame wall, so clever, you could change it seasonally too :)

  8. Lena says:

    My first roommate in SF and I painted a chalkboard wall in our kitchen and I loved it!

  9. Jane Y. says:

    i’ve been singing about having a chalkboard wall forever now. :) how awesome that you ended up with it in your kitchen. definitely a jackpot!

  10. Alexa says:

    Love it all. Such a good way to make a space unique.

  11. Laicie says:

    Aww love :) We have a chalkboard wall too and I’m crazy about it. Lately we’ve been thinking of painting over it though… only because our kitchen is the most dungeon-y part of our house and the black doesn’t help it much. =/ We’ll see if I can give it up!

  12. Mariko says:

    I miss my chalkboard wall. Now I just have a bunch of hanging chalkboards we made for the wedding, but they’re just not big enough!

  13. I’ve so been smitten with chalkboard walls, too, Gloria!! I’m glad we share this obsession! These are all fabulous – looove that chalkboard mirror in the bathroom! lol – i can’t wait to have my own house so that I can paint a chalkboard wall!

  14. Alyssa says:

    I have dreams of a kitchen chalkboard wall–I just think they’re so fun!

  15. rooth says:

    I’ve always wondered, are they easy to keep clean IRL?

  16. i have always loved that bathroom with the “polka dot” walls. pretty jealous that you have one in your kitchen!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}