friday grab bag
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Happy Friday! This week I’m loving…

  • This adorable bling baby teether from Give Simple for babies with expensive tastes
  • These tasty looking iced chocolate drinks from Taste and Tell that would be perfect to sip on in warmer weather (hint hint, Mother Nature)
  • This interactive birthday card from W+K Studio, where you color in the number of birthday candles needed!
  • These fun and easy Sharpie marker Easter eggs from – the pink bunny is so cute!
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14 Responses to friday grab bag

  1. Lori says:

    That baby teething ring is adorable!

  2. Love this collection – so so cute! The birthday card is awesome!

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  4. Those easter eggs are TOO CUTE. Hope you had a good weekend, lady!

  5. Alison says:

    Those Easter eggs are so pretty, I am looking for new ways to dye mine this year and this might be it!

  6. Johanna says:

    The Sharpie eggs are amazing. How gosh darn adorable!

  7. alexa says:

    Those iced chocolate drinks. Oh My God.

  8. Stephanie says:

    What a cute birthday card with the candles! Hope you had a nice weekend!

  9. How cute are those Easter eggs?!! And they actually look easy enough for artistically challenged souls like myself. Thanks for sharing!
    xx, Angelica

  10. Deb N Cats says:

    You really do find the most bodacious stuff on the web. Last year, I bought the glass earrings for my daughter for her birthday. Every time she wears them now, people comment on how fantastic they are. And I just ordered a box of cards from W+K Studio. I never would have found these things on my own. Thanks.

  11. That baby teether is adorable!

  12. Shutterbug says:

    You have good taste! Love everything on that list, especially that Iced Chocolate! mmm… chocolate! Now if you excuse me, I have to get some chocolate…

  13. lena says:

    Iced chocolate anything sounds heavenly–happy weekend!

  14. Erin says:

    That baby is adorable, and he looks so satisfied with that teether! A genius idea, as a lover of Ring Pops, haha. Bookmarking that one for the future…xo