pampered pooch picks

1. Truffle Mac & Cheese from Bocce's Bakery | 2. Cotton Rope Alligator Doy Toy from Harry Barker | 3. Specktacular, Off The Grid, and Stripey Soiree Dog Bowls from Waggo | 4. Oh My Dog Perfume from Puppy Kit | 5. Beefy Brown Ale from Bowser Beer | 6. Yummy Cupcake Dog Bed from Glamour Mutt | 7. Cream + Vermillion City Leash from See Scout Sleep | 8. Wooden Pet ID Tags from Cropscotch

I’m not gonna lie. Sometimes I look at Toby getting belly rubs on demand or squeezing in a quick morning nap before his afternoon nap, and I think that’s the life! My mom always accuses us of treating Toby like a child rather than a pet (she’s totally guilty of it too), and it’s true that we often can’t resist spoiling him when he gives us the sad puppy dog face. Looks like I’m not the only sucker out there – just look at all these fantastic goodies out there for dogs! As unbelievable as it sounds, your furry friend can now join you for a dinner date of truffle mac & cheese and a cold refreshing beer – cheers!

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10 Responses to pampered pooch

  1. Alison says:

    Is it bad that I just got hungry after seeing Truffle Mac and Cheese, ha ha :) My dog would love these!

  2. alexa says:

    You HAVE to spoil him! That face! :)

  3. allison says:

    This necklace I recently added to my shop fits right in with this post!

  4. I’m so guilty too, and I LOVE all of this!

  5. lena says:

    That puppy beer just about killed me!

  6. Jane Y. says:

    piri just said he would like all of these :) such a cute collection!!

  7. so many great picks!
    yoda would love a new cupcake bed :)

  8. Erica says:

    Those alligator chew toys are adorable. Too bad my pups would destroy them in minutes. lol! At least they’d be cute while they lasted. ;)

  9. rooth says:

    Gloria, you are not the only one. My pet has approximately 5 different types of treats in my tack trunk (even though I know he would be perfectly happy with carrots)