watercolor inspired design

1. Confetti Ipad Case from Britt Bass Turner | 2. Bonnard Business Card by Anagrama | 3. Neon Watercolor Tea Towels from Furbish Studio | 4. Sketchbook Ceramic Candle from ILLUME | 5. Belinda Marshall Watch from May28TH | 6. Neon Leather Pouch from Boo and Boo Factory | 7. Color Study No.9 Pillow by Emily Rickard via Society6

I’m not a very good artistic painter (my middle school art teacher might even use the word “terrible”), but that definitely doesn’t stop me from drooling over anything that’s covered in a bold pattern of vibrant colorful brushstrokes. My house would be a full blown modern museum if I brought home all the little abstract “masterpieces” I’ve admired over the years!

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6 Responses to paint dabbles

  1. Mariko says:

    That candle/holder is so lovely. Would make a great pencil holder once the candle was used up.

  2. Corina says:

    so much inspiration!! makes me wanna paint!! :D

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m dying over that watch!

  4. Erin says:

    Love anything watercolored! I would buy that watch, but I’d have to wear another watch right next to it to be able to tell time. I need numbers and dashes, haha. xo

  5. rooth says:

    The tea towels – yep, checking them out right now!