red raven studio

Helloooo gorgeous! These beautiful porcelain pieces were all handcrafted by Amy and Ryan, the married duo behind Redraven studios, and it’s safe to say after a look around their store that the two make quite the team. I just love the hints of color and gold against all that dreamy white porcelain. Those crystal necklaces are calling my name! And even better? Every item they create has sentimental significance behind it – a true labor of love!

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8 Responses to Redraven studios

  1. Yuni says:

    Oh really love the necklaces! They are so pretty!

  2. Stephanie says:

    That bowl is so pretty! Love the touches of gold!

  3. I’m with you–those necklaces are wonderful!

  4. lena says:

    What stunning pieces!

  5. Jane Y. says:

    such pretty things! i love the hanging planters!

  6. I love when couples have the same passion and are able to work together. I love even more when couples create things together – especially beautiful pieces such as these! Those vessels are stunning, and I’m sure I need those arrows.

  7. Erin says:

    I loved married, crafty duos. It seems so romantic and sweet when couples make things together! xo

  8. rooth says:

    My goodness, I want everything on their site