temporary tattoo hack
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I’ve collected a few temporary tattoos over the years that I don’t feel like I can really rock now as a grown ass adult, so I set out to see if they would adhere to something other than my biceps. And you know what I found out? THEY TOTALLY DO! Tattoo collection = salvaged!

First I gathered up my supplies:

  • a completely flat white plate from CB2, which provided the perfect canvas for this experiment
  • this adorable zebra tattoo from Gumtoo – be sure to check out their great selection of fun tatts!

And then I applied the tattoo exactly like how you would normally, just substituting “plate” for “skin”:

  1. Clean the plate by wiping it down with a bit of rubbing alcohol, and make sure it’s completely dry
  2. Remove the tattoo’s clear protective covering, and place it face down wherever you’d like on the plate
  3. Place a wet paper towel against it and gently press down until it’s thoroughly wet. Wait 30 seconds, then carefully peel off the paper backing
  4. Dab away any excess water, and your newly inked plate is ready for some trinkets once it’s all dry!

The tattoo adheres quite well, but you can also add a coat of clear gloss to make your design permanent. Otherwise, it’s removable using rubbing alcohol and elbow grease, so you can revamp your plate over and over again – think of all the possibilities!

temporary tattoo hack

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9 Responses to DIY tattooed plates

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  2. Allie Mackin says:

    What a fun idea and love these tats. Flat black tats are my fave, even though I do not have any…but temporary, bring it on!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  3. Jane Y. says:

    that’s pretty neat!!

  4. Stephanie says:

    What a great idea! This would also be a cute way to decorate a storage tray/box. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great idea! I love that you just had all these random temporary tattoos laying around (I’m actually picturing a secret closet full of them, and when you open the door they all come tumbling out).

  6. Yuni says:

    Oh, this is a very cool idea, Gloria! You’re brilliant!

  7. OMG! Brilliant idea!! I love it. I think it would be so much fun and so perfect for a gathering/dinner party! I’d also assume they’d wash off really easily for clean ups :)

  8. lena says:


  9. Erin says:

    That is really genius! Perfect for parties when you can carry the theme throughout all the little touches. Love love love! And it’s an easy enough DIY that it’s even within my scope of abilities ;) xo