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free printable hello cards by Oh So Pretty

Hello LWW readers! Victoria here from Oh So Pretty and I’m so excited to be here while Gloria is enjoying her time in Taiwan and Japan. Those of you who know me know my love for handwritten notes and snail mail. With technology these days, it’s so easy to send a quick e-mail or text, but to take the time to write out a note or letter has always been more meaningful to me. I’ve designed some “Hello” cards for you to download, print, and send to your friends and loved ones – they will appreciate it, promise!

Download in Blue // Grey // Pink // Purple // Yellow

Victoria of Oh So Pretty

Oh So Pretty is very appropriately named because I ooh and ahh every time I visit Victoria’s beautiful blog! I’m always in awe of her chic style – she’s a true master at the “less is more” design aesthetic. Go check out her blog for more eye candy now!

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4 Responses to Free Printable Hello Cards by Oh So Pretty

  1. Yuni says:

    These are simple yet so pretty!
    Always adore Victoria’s blog, btw!

  2. Laicie says:

    Oh my gosh, Victoria, you are so ridiculously talented. These are beautiful!

  3. Kim says:

    this is so fun! love the different color options :)
    great way to send a little hello to someone :)