free flat halloween icons

Black Widow Spider | Candy | Witch's Cauldron | Moon and Stars | Tombstone | Eyeball | Ghost | Jack o' Lantern | Vampire Bat | Bloody Knife | Evil Clown | Skull

Working on some spooky posts as we count down to Halloween? Feel free to use some of these icons for any personal projects that need an extra bit of ghoulish horror!

Download the free icon set (PSD) here!

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18 Responses to free icon set: halloween!

  1. se says:

    I can’t download them! ahh! It’s driving me crazy~~

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  8. Very cute! Except the clown…the clown is scary. : )

  9. OMG So cute! I love it love it love it! And, exactly what I’m looking for for Halloween! Thanks Gloria!!

  10. Jane Y. says:

    these icons are so cute :)

  11. These icons are so cute! Thanks for sharing.

    Katrina Sophia

  12. Jessica says:

    So cute! Thanks so much for visiting and leaving your link, I am absolutely IN LOVE with your blog! Can’t wait to keep reading :)


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  15. Kim says:

    so cute and fun! I love your festive freebies and your fun, happy blog!
    I nominated you for a blog award, more details in my latest post YAY :)

  16. Regina says:

    They are so cute Gloria.

  17. Erin says:

    You are so talented! These are so sweet, and the half-sad ghost is so sweet. xo

  18. so cute! i love the little ghost icon :)