awesome modern pillows

Feathers Pillow from Lint and Honey | Yeah Pillow from Woouf! | Inland Empire Cushion from Min Pin | Ra Ra Pillow from Home-Work | Heart Pillow Cover from Michelle Dwight Designs | Sophie the Swan Pillow from Hey Juni

Why hello there, Monday morning, you’ve managed to sneak up on me once again. Who wants to build a cozy fort out of these pretty pillows and escape from the real world for just a teeny tiny bit longer?

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8 Responses to a happy pillow fort

  1. Jessica says:

    I love the feathers pillow! They’re all so cute!

  2. Ok, the Yeah Yeah Yeah pillow is too cute!

  3. Mariko says:

    I went to a co-working event recently where the had a full-on blanket & pillow fort set up to work in. It was amazing!

  4. Erin says:

    I’m getting sick, hovering in that awful state between ‘my throat hurts’ and ‘I need my mommy’, so a pillow fort sounds right up my alley right now! xo

  5. Jane Y. says:

    sounds lovely. and i love the one with the giant pink heart! :)

  6. Reidun Beate says:

    So many gorgeous pillows :D Love them all!