cute Christmas cookies

White Reindeer Gingerbread Cupcakes from Kwestia Smaku | Chocolaty Melting Snowmen from BHG | Gingerbread Christmas Tree Cookies from Skinnytaste | Coal Rice Krispy Treats from Mallow & Co

Tis the season for eating your weight in cakes and cookies and pies! If you’re going to indulge (just a wee bit, of course) this month, you might as well spend those calories on some cute and tasty treats like these. Aren’t those reindeer cupcakes a riot??



DAY 10: Studio DIY is giving away a Madsen Cycles bike!

DAY 9: Making It Lovely is giving away 2 beautiful Ellington purses!

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8 Responses to festive sweets

  1. Ann says:

    I LOVE ideas for decorating parties, and those gingerbread trees are so perfect!

  2. Aaaah so cute! Especially the melted snowman. It looks easy to make because it doesn’t have to be neat, it’s melted anyway :D

  3. Jessica says:

    Those Christmas tree cookies are so cute!! :)


  4. Sara Strauss says:

    All of these look delicious!! Those coal treats look fun to eat!

  5. OMG – want all of it! I’m the biggest rice krispy treat fan, so definitely wanting/making those coal ones! how cute! And the melted snowman cookies are genius! Also, been meaning to send you a quick email for forever, that you did such a wonderful job on the 24 Merry Days website!! It always is so gorgeous and fun, you’re so good! Thank you!!! <3

  6. lena says:

    Those melted snowmen are the cutest!

  7. rooth says:

    Those melted snowmen are SO cute, I could just eat them up :)

  8. Jane Y. says:

    i love those coal rice crispy treats! how cleaver! :)