koala mittens
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Have you heard about the recent bushfires in Australia? I spotted this article a few days ago about koalas severely burning their paws as they tried to flee the mayhem, and it damn near broke my heart – just look at those little faces! The International Fund for Animal Welfare sent out a request for people to create cotton mittens for the critters to protect their paws as they’re treated with burn creams, so I just had to dust off my sewing machine and whip up a few sets. I hope some neon-loving koala will appreciate them and heal up quickly!

I originally wanted to help spread the word about making mittens with this post, but it seems that they’ve already fulfilled their quota due to all the media coverage. However if you still want to to use your sewing skills for good, there’s a call out now for pouches for injured and orphaned baby kangaroos!

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7 Responses to mittens for koalas!

  1. Yuni says:

    I have no idea! Sad news but cute project. It’s good to hear that many people still care!

  2. Oh my goodness… poor things! Thank you for spreading the word!!!

  3. lena says:

    The CUTEST DIY project for the CUTEST beneficiaries!

  4. Oh my gosh, you’re so awesome, Gloria! I was going to do the same, but found that they had already reached their quota as well. Which gives me so much hope and just fills me with happiness that others care so much :)

  5. Kelsea Echo says:

    Awww that’s so sad! I do have to say the idea of koalas wearing cute mittens is heartwarming, though. You are awesome. If I could sew, I would make some mittens too.

    <3 Kelsea | Kels Shark

  6. Jane Y. says:

    oh my gosh those poor koalas. but amazing that the quota was reached! and hope they get lots of pouches too. i just downloaded the pattern and not sure if i can even delve into it (just got a sewing machine but am a total newbie) but would love to keep my eyes peeled for stuff like this or keep the link to see if i can send in the near future. ;)

  7. Jessica says:

    that’s so sad about their paws :( but these are cute! I’m sure they will love them :)