$500 giveaway to Dot & Bo
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Modern Ash Wood Rocker in Pop Yellow | Orange Pop Color Stool | Coral Pantone Clock | Bling Toothed Skull Jar | Bottleneck Ceramic Lamp | Continental Breakfast Mug | Little Urchin Planter | Adora Walnut Coffee Table

Spring is just a few short weeks away according to the calendar, so let’s ignore the fresh blanket of snow outside and celebrate with an awesome giveaway! I was pleased as punch to learn that Little White Whale won for “Best Variety” in Dot & Bo’s Design District Awards this year! Dot & Bo is an awesome home store that’s full of drool worthy modern furniture and playful decor for design lovers (and everyone else!), so their kind words meant so much to me. Perusing through their beautiful shop always makes me want to revamp our entire apartment from top to bottom, so consider yourselves warned :-)

Now put on your shopping shoes, because we’re giving away a $500 gift card to Dot & Bo to one of you fabulous readers out there! Enter below for a chance to win – good luck!!

* This giveaway is open to those in the US only. The winner will be announced here when the giveaway ends and contacted via email as well.


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59 Responses to A $500 giveaway with Dot & Bo! [closed]

  1. Romie says:

    The Paddington Deux Lounge Set is now on my must-have list–gorgeous!

    Thanks for the chance!

  2. Rachel says:

    I love the Adora Walnut Coffee Table!

  3. manda says:

    Love the garden items

  4. Martha Susan says:

    Love the Safi Studded Bed.

  5. Kelly B says:

    I really like the criss-cross designer table.

  6. Gina Marr says:

    Palm Springs Lounge Chair in Beige!

  7. Anna Pry says:

    Secretary’s Secret Wood Console

  8. Xin says:

    I love all of the MCM chairs!

  9. Alex T says:

    I like the fleur de lis marquee sign!

  10. Martina W. says:

    The Swirly Swivel chair in orange is so unique! I’d love it for my living room as a focal point.

  11. Sarah says:

    It’s so hard to choose, I just love everything in the shop. But if I had to, I’d say the Eamers rocker. It’s been on my wish list for years!

  12. Erin says:

    Oh, hooray! I think I’d have to take a few of those bacon and egg mugs and hand them out to my two friends who, like me, are mourning the loss of the great Ron Swanson from our tvs ;) xo

  13. Elise says:

    Love the rolling rustic bookshelf!!

  14. Rachel K. says:

    Such a huge Dot & Bo fan. I’m a big fan of the Modern Kitchen Rack right now. :)

  15. Maggie says:

    I’ve been eying the Paddington Deux Lounge Set in charcoal for sooooo long, but it’s out of my budget right now. I have an empty corner in my bedroom just waiting for the perfect chair. Then I’ll have a cozy little reading nook!

  16. shanley says:

    Love that clock!!

  17. Lindy says:

    I love the white modern ash rocker for my bedroom and the cashmere charcoal arm chair as a desk chair!

  18. Amy says:

    So many things to choose from…I’ll have to say one of my favorite items is the Fifth Floor shelf; loving that mint color!

  19. geoanne says:

    Recreating the palm springs rat pack vibe is my dream home and dot & bo is the only way to do it justice!

  20. Jenni says:

    I really want an “Urban Chimney” for my back yard and some Vintage Kilim Pillows for my living room!

  21. Marlys says:

    I love that Modern Ash Wood Rocker in Pop Yellow!

  22. KC says:

    Any of the mid-century modern furniture like the Adora Walnut Coffee Table.

  23. Beverly A Harper says:

    Luv the comfort chair, and the colors , my kind of chair

  24. Megan A. says:

    I squealed out loud the first time I saw the miniature bracket lamp in the New Orleans collection. Just in love with that tiny, beautiful piece.

    Also couldn’t stop day dreaming about my dreamy kitchen when I found the All inOne Wine Chest. Can I start building my wish list now?

    Brilliant – and thrilling – giveaway! Thanks for the chance at creating a beautiful little home with Dot & Bo

  25. That coffee table is what retro dreams are made of. ;_; Now that you have shared this, I want it all. -alex

    skyscrapers & palm trees

  26. Jennifer says:

    I’ve wanted the Book-Escape Wall Shelves for months now! Moving at the end of the month and think I might have to bite the bullet for this one…love, love, LOVE! http://bit.ly/1wQmphz

  27. Amy says:

    That ash rocker is amazing!

  28. Kate says:

    I love the Farrell Side Table. So cute and would look so great with my living room furniture.

  29. I absolutely love the modern ash wood rocker! It would be perfect for a nursery :)

  30. juni says:

    the little urchin planter is adorable!

  31. corinne watson says:

    Cotton Ball LED lights! so cute! I would decorate my room with them

  32. Lea Anna says:

    They have so many great accent chairs! I love the Modern Ash Rocker in white and the Workhorse Chair.

  33. Jessie says:

    Love the Double-Duty Walnut Coffee Table!

  34. Lauren S. says:

    I love the Rolling Rustic Bookshelf.

  35. Krista says:

    I like the Gloss Act 3-drawer Desk in white

  36. Mel says:

    I LOVE that yellow rocker!

  37. Deb 'N Cats says:


    My office is moving by the end of fall and buying a new chair is not in the cards. Since I’m the first person someone sees when they enter the office, a sleek chair would make me feel better and will look impressive when I happen to be out in the field.

  38. Holly says:

    I have major wish lists from Dot and Bo… And at this moment, my favourite item is the yellow rocker! http://www.dotandbo.com/collections/modular-living/mustard-rocker-arm-chair-natural

    But that changes daily! I can’t wait to renovate my kitchen with everything Dot and Bo!

  39. I love the personalized gold scratch map!

  40. Oh, I just love Dot & Bo. I’ve been drooling over every single item in their Bondi Beach collection. I especially love the snow-capped breakfast table.

  41. dianna says:

    pretty much any and all light fixtures. Brilliant blooms duvet cover!!!! and totally in love with the modern woven outdoor 4-piece set.

  42. caitlyn says:

    the little reading gnome light is so adorable.

  43. Tiffany says:

    The wire sting ray chair is so wonderful. I mean, I’d really take any of their accent chairs. Or wall decor. Or anything really! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  44. Jessica Caneal says:

    I like this rug: http://www.dotandbo.com/collections/stockholm-1/22886-bauble-rug-in-charcoal

    I’ve been looking for a good rug/mat for my entryway.

  45. Jana says:

    Crushing on the Orange Crush Chair!

  46. Makenzie says:

    I love the Hodgepodge Vase + tray set! I’m moving to a new house and this would be perfect for my new space!


  47. Danielle says:

    I love all their mid-century inspired furniture…especially the lowball cabinet and the Betty lounge chair!

  48. Sonja says:

    Love the midcentury walnut lounge chair in cream!

  49. lindsay says:

    I’m obsessed with that Coral Pantone Clock!

  50. KV says:

    I like the Techie Turntable.

  51. natalie kay says:

    my favorite item they have is a shelf unit that looks like a fire escape!

  52. mae says:

    I’ve always loved that rocking chair. My housemate had one that I was very jealous of.

  53. Samantha Mellone says:

    I love love love that modern pink-color blocked clock!