Yumi Okita moths

via Beautiful Decay

Moths always bring up memories of summer nights with pulsating clouds of fluttery wings swarming the lights by the door…and the subsequent shrieking that breaks the quiet as I flail my arms and run through them all to get safely inside. Ahhh the joys of summer. If only real life moths were as lovely (and still) as these stunning textile creations by Yumi Okita!

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7 Responses to Yumi Okita

  1. Tom Valiente says:

    I`ve always been interested in soft sculpture. I`ve seen some of your moth sculptures on Pinterest and on google and I especially admire the color and the detail that you put into your works. I`m a visual artist myself. I`m hoping that you continue to make these sculptures and I`d like to see more of your work in the future.

  2. vale says:

    Where can I buy your art?

  3. Rozani says:

    AMAZING MOTHS! Very unique and beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous! There are real life moths that are equally and even more beautiful! I was going to link one here, but there were too many to choose from! These look so realistic, though!

  5. Erin says:

    Haha, yeah, we seem to have a similar approach when it comes to dealing with moths. Fitz ate one last summer! He just hopped up and gulped it in mid-air. These, though, I could live with. Stunning! xo

  6. Kate says:

    Yes! I love these. I wrote from their inspiration for my first of The Art + The Feminism series on my blog.

  7. I actually thought these were close up photos at first and I instantly got goosebumps. Why am I so afraid of moths? They can’t even see! Anyways, I totally agree with you–if only all moths were as lovely and still as these.