meet mia
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Holy cow! I can’t believe it’s been 2 whole months since my last post! All the cobwebs clinging to this blog seem kind of festive though with Halloween coming up and all, right? Ha!

Well I have a great excuse for my absence…here’s the nugget that’s been gobbling up all my time, love, and attention these days! Meet Mia and her BFF Bart the bear, everyone! I know I’m biased, but those cheeks give me life (is that what kids are saying these days??) She’s a very alert baby who’s already starting to give big smiles and cooing up a storm! Unfortunately her charms are NOT working on Toby, who is coping with big brotherhood simply by pretending Mia doesn’t exist at all. He’ll begrudgingly say hello to her every morning with a lick on the foot, and then it’s nary a glance the rest of the day, even if she’s screaming her head off right next to him. Something tells me these two will need a get along shirt somewhere down the road.

meet mia

So you know those beautiful portraits of motherhood splashed across Pinterest and Instagram? They usually involve newborns sleeping angelically in pristine nurseries while mom lovingly looks on with perfectly applied makeup and a headful of clean, tousled curls. IT’S ALL LIES, PEOPLE! These first few weeks have been a chaotic rollercoaster that veers between “Being a mom is magical!” and “I’m very very tired. Does this baby come with a gift receipt?” It has been non-stop laundry and waking up at ungodly hours and obsessively checking the baby monitor to make sure everything is okay, and there is absolutely nothing pristine about our apartment right now.

Life sure as hell hasn’t been glamorous lately, and sometimes I’m hit with serious FOMO when my childless friends are off traveling or doing fun things around the city. But smooching that chubby little face each day has made me realize that slowing down and savoring these precious moments isn’t such a bad idea. There will be time for new adventures someday soon, but for now, I’ll embrace the quiet (and umm not so quiet) days at home with this sweet baby who has me wrapped around her impossibly small finger already.

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19 Responses to hello mia

  1. Allie Mackin says:

    OMG! Wow it has been a while since I visited your blog and wow is there news! Mia is gorgeous, congratulations on this. And love your photos!

    Allie of

  2. Such cute photos. I’m not a mom, but a proud aunt and great aunt and a fur mom. Congratulations! You have such a precious gift in Mia.

  3. anna says:

    i understand the feeling when all the childless friends continue having the freedom. >Mia is adorable, my daughter is 16 now and also named mia..but i always think of her as a flamingo amidst a flock of pigeons,,,,worth it…

  4. Stephanie B says:

    Love this post and your little girl is so gorgeous! Motherhood is definitely NOT like Pinterest but wouldn’t it be nice if it was!

    Studio Aveline –

  5. Tang says:

    She is adorable! :) Congrats.

  6. Aww… love this post, Gloria! Mia is too cute! Love your honesty.. thanks for keeping it real. Hopefully Toby comes around soon, hah!

  7. Congratulations, mommy! She is beautiful; so yummy!

  8. Erin says:

    Ohhh, those cheeks! They’re enough to give anyone a serious case of baby fever! Congratulations again on this lovely little ladybird. She seems like such a gem, despite all the laundry and middle of the night wake-ups! Hang in there, Tobes! You can do it!! ;) xo

  9. She is so precious! Congratulations! I was just at a baby shower and having a conversation with someone about how difficult the first few months are. She was so honest about it and it’s so important for women to hear. You’re not alone! I don’t have children yet, but hope to some day… I think!? Ha!

  10. ohhhmmmmygoodness those cheeks *squeeeze* Hello beautiful Mia, welcome to the world!

    Gloria, she is absolutely precious!! I don’t have a baby myself, but I love your honesty about motherhood… prepares the rest of us ;)

  11. Jane Y. says:

    Hello Mia and Bart! :)
    And oh I can so picture Toby! lol
    So good to see a post from you!!
    Mia is adorable!!

  12. Sara Strauss says:

    OMG what a cutie!! Congrats!

  13. alli says:

    Aw, huge congrats to you! She’s so stinkin’ cute. And yes to everything you described about motherhood…I’m currently in awe of anyone who goes back for more!

  14. IT’S ALL LIES, PEOPLE! <that was seriously the best :)

    Ahhh, she's suuuch a beauty! Pretty sure she's worth the screaming and squirminess.

    And with Toby, I have a feeling our Xenie (a weird Boston Terrier) would do the exact same thing if we decided to add another being to the family.

    Huge, warm congratulations!!

  15. Deb 'N Cats says:


    Welcome to motherhood. Mine turns 33 this year. Everyone tells you to savor all the moments and, while that is true, there were times when I decided not to savor THAT tantrum. I firmly believe in selective memory. I don’t remember a lot of things anymore, which is probably a good thing. (Diaper blow outs come to mind. I know we had ’em.) Mia is impossibly cute. Give some love to Toby and assure him he’s still top “dog”, even if he does think he’s a people.

  16. rooth says:

    Hi darlingest girl and welcome to the world :) Glad y’all are doing well and I’m sure Toby and her will be thick as thieves once she starts to toss food his way