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Mint Green Gooseneck w/ Neon Yellow Cord from Earth Sea Warrior | LOVE YOU night light in neon pink from Owly Shadow Puppets | Linen pillow cover with neon yellow stripes from Paleolochic | Neon acrylic vases from Art Style Innovation

Outside of a glamorous photo shoot, an attention-grabbing neon pink couch or highlighter yellow desk is hard for most people to pull off in their homes. But a small pop of neon here and there will inject a playful, yet modern air to any room, and that is something everyone can get behind. Really!

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After clicking away through pages and pages of gorgeous outfits put together by Andy of Style Scrapbook, I’m just itching to incorporate some of her style prowess into my own closet – starting with color! These are some my favorite looks – bold, but completely wearable at the same time. This girl knows a thing or two about rocking a spectacular pair of electric pink pants, and I am most certainly ready to learn.

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chic bike accessories

1. Sawako Furuno Leopard Bike Helmet from Cloak & Dagger | 2. Fuuvi Charly Bicycle Bell from AC Gears | 3. Q/R Steel Mesh Basket from Electra | 4. Reflective Bird Pins from Let It Ride Electric Bicycles | 5. Six Corners Handlebar Bag from PoCampo | 6. ZOONIMAL Lion Light from Adeline Adeline | 7. Public C7 Bike from Public Bikes

The fact that I haven’t hidden a bike in YEARS, along with my fear of getting squished by a speeding taxi, had made me kind of indifferent about the whole Citi Bike program that launched in NYC this summer. The subway works just fine for me, thanks! But some friends convinced me to stop being a baby and go out for a spin around the park this weekend, and it was fun! Plus I didn’t fall or run into a fire hydrant or anything, so that’s a successful outing in my book. I don’t think I’ll ever be one of the fearless bikers zooming alongside a zillion cars, but leisurely loops along totally empty side streets? I’m in!

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1. Large Cloud Corkboard from Paper Source, $19.95 | 2. Beetle Eco Sticky Notes from Smock Paper, $9 | 3. Page 1 Business Card Box from MOMA Store, $38 | 4. Pino the Cork Voodoo Doll from A+R | 5. Lenny The Camel Memo Holder from Amazon | 6. Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags from Perpetual Kid, $6.99 | 7. Selvedge Chambray Notebook Cover from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co., $30 | 8. Bullshit/Meeting Ambigram Mug from NeatoShop, $8.95 | 9. Wrench Bottle Opener from Patina, $8.95 | 10. Tanno Flip Top Card Case from MUHS Home, $110

For those in your life that are business in the front, business…in the back…also. Hmmm.

In other exciting news, I’ve been working on a fun project the last few weeks, which I’ll be sharing here tomorrow :-) You won’t want to miss it – I promise!

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1. Design House Stockholm Bono Mugs from Velocity | 2. Matrushka measuring cups from Paper Source | 3. Working Class Studio fern pillow from DIGS | 4. Feather pendant necklace from miju | 5. "Wind Beneath Your" Wingtips from ModCloth | 6. Elephant teapot from Oren's Daily Roast | 7. JOY electric candlesticks from greener grass design | 8. TOKYOMILK Dark from TOKYOMILK

I know spring should be all about bright and cheery colors. However, since my winter coats have yet to be packed away for the season (boo!), black and white themed beauties are still legit in my book.

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hellooo 2013

Happy New Year, friends! I hope you all had a wonderfully restful break – we spent a lot of time with family & friends, watched a lot of movies, and ate a lot of things we probably shouldn’t have. Is anyone else still suffering from a cookie hangover?!

2013 started with a bang for us, as we celebrated in Times Square for the very first time! I’ve always wanted to experience the chaos of the ball drop once in my life, but the idea of standing out in the freezing cold in a sea of people for hours on end just didn’t seem particularly appealing, and I had written it off as a lost cause long ago. But by a stroke of luck this year, an awesome friend was able to get a few of us passes to a nearby nightclub, which included being escorted into Times Square just before the ball dropped! Bah-nanas. Needless to say, it was surreal to be in the midst of that roaring crowd – the very one I’ve seen countless times on TV over the years – with confetti raining down and fireworks exploding above. The air was electric with joy and excitement for a fresh start, and I’m still riding on that feeling days later that anything is possible this year! Hopefully being able to cross one thing off my bucket list already is a sign of a very productive year ahead :-)

Some of my hopes and dreams for 2013:

  1. Get crazy in the kitchen at least once a month! I enjoy cooking, but I often skip delicious looking recipes if a) there are a million steps b) it involves a pot of oil heated up to lava-like temperatures c) it just looks too damn hard. I will be the master of fried chicken and pad thai this year…maybe.
  2. Take more photos. While browsing through my old photos, I realized there were fewer and fewer snapshots as the years progressed (iPhone shots don’t count!). I vow to become that annoying person who whips out a camera at a party and forces everyone to take 10 group photos.
  3. Stop hoarding so much stuff. Use it or lose it will be the motto of this year, and I will be ruthless!
  4. Unplug more. I’ve come to realize that whenever I “take a computer break”, I’m usually still glued to my iPhone or iPad, which kiiind of defeats the purpose. Just a little bit. Unplugging will MEAN unplugging from now on.
  5. Create more. Design, crafts, home projects, whatever! Just make something!
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