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DIY quirky sitting flower pot

I brought home this leafy Golden pothos plant on a whim around Thanksgiving last year, never fully expecting that it would live to see Christmas under my black thumb. And yet, here it is almost 5 months later!! What a resilient little sucker. One of my bucket list items is to “Keep a plant alive for at least a year” (seriously), so I’m hoping I’ll get to cross that one off the list in a few months :-) To reward my new friend for its impressive survival skills, I decided to upgrade it to a happy new home for spring!

DIY quirky sitting flower pot steps

What you’ll need:

  • a terra cotta planter
  • white oven bake clay
  • hot glue/super glue
  • white gloss spray paint
  1. Take a look at your planter and decide out how large you would like the legs to be
  2. Start sculpting! I found it easier to make things even by rolling out a “snake” for the legs, along with two balls for the feet
  3. Cut the “snake” in half to get two equally sized legs. Flatten the balls with your thumb and shape them into little rounded out rectangles
  4. Make sure your planter is sitting on a flat surface, and gently squish the legs into position. When you’re happy with the length and thickness of the legs, go ahead and attach the feet!
  5. Then create some pieces for the face – I went with two simple dots for the eyes and a teeny cone for the nose
  6. Bake your clay pieces according to the directions on the package (I removed the eyes and nose early since they’re so much smaller in size)
  7. Once they’re done, let them cool and glue them into place
  8. Spray the entire planter with two coats of spray paint
  9. When the paint has fully dried, transfer your green friend to his new whimsical home!

DIY quirky sitting flower pot

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Yumi Okita moths

via Beautiful Decay

Moths always bring up memories of summer nights with pulsating clouds of fluttery wings swarming the lights by the door…and the subsequent shrieking that breaks the quiet as I flail my arms and run through them all to get safely inside. Ahhh the joys of summer. If only real life moths were as lovely (and still) as these stunning textile creations by Yumi Okita!

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free dingbat fonts round up

Bergamot Ornaments | Eveleth Shapes | Kalocsai Flowers | Efon | Peoni Patterns | The Kids | KG Flavor and Frames Six | Efoodde | Veneer Extras | Nymphette

Dingbats are kind of the scourge of the fonts world, which is unsurprising since the majority of them are downright terrible…unless you’re into poorly drawn cartoon or stripper themed sets? And yet the good ones can actually be quite useful for mockups or for enhancing design projects in a quick and painless way. Here are a few great dingbat fonts that fit the bill in my book – hope you find them useful as well!

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5 chic wearable tech pieces

1. Hate having to constantly check your phone for an expected call or text message? Ringly is a line of gorgeous precious and semi-precious statement rings that vibrate and light up when a customized notification pops up! You can go about your life without being tethered to your phone and STILL be alerted when the Uber you ordered has arrived – so cool!


2. I own a mini external battery that gives my iPhone an extra boost when needed, but I rarely remember to bring it out with me! The QBracelet nips that problem in the bud by looking so damn sleek you’ll want to wear it every day. Pull open the clasp to reveal an Apple lightning connector (à la James Bond) and plug in your phone to start charging!

Q Bracelet

3. The beautifully crafted Leoht handbag is for the tech savvy lady who also rocks an incredible wardrobe. It boasts six unique features, from a built-in battery that charges your phone/tablet to LED lights embedded along the interior – no more blindly fumbling around your purse in search of keys!

Leoht purse

4. For the minimalist, there’s the Everpurse Mini, a cute hard shelled clutch/wallet with a phone dock embedded right into its backside. This clever design allows you to use your phone as it charges, uninterrupted!

Everpurse Mini

5. If you’re prone to turning lobster red under the hot summer sun, you’ll want to pick up one of these jeweled June bracelets. It measures your sun exposure throughout the day and gives real-time sun protection advice via your smartphone! You won’t have to guesstimate when to move your butt into the shade or when you need to reapply sunscreen – all that pertinent info will be in the palm of your hand!

June Netatmo bracelet

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happy finds under $40

1. Baggu Metallic Dipped Tote Bag from West Elm | 2. Clear Peach Blossom iPhone 6 Case from Rifle Paper Co. | 3. Miya Catch Cat Tongs | 4. Diamond Shaped Glasses | 5. Ceramic Ring Dishes from Baba Souk | 6. Hearts Emoji Pillow from Throwboy | 7. It Girl Bobbi Pins from

Hi friends! All the fun and beauty of our recent trip to California must have scrambled my brains because my head has been lost in the clouds the past few weeks. Is it too early to blame it on spring fever? Looking forward to getting back to regular posting and catching up on what you guys have been up to on your blogs! In the meantime, here are some smile-inducing picks that recently caught my eye – I want to surround myself with a pile of plush emojis and sip on something tasty served up in that pretty diamond glass!

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California vector icons

Fish | Wine Glass | Ferris Wheel | Sun | Palm Tree | Sunglasses | Sea Lion | Director's Chair | Ice Cream | Mountains | Avocado | Purse

That’s the last straw, snow! I’m ditching my puffy coat and heading out to California for a few days to soak up some much needed sunshine :-) Follow along on all the fun (and the mountain of In-N-Out burgers I’ll be consuming) on Instagram. See you guys back here soon!

Download the free icon set (PSD) here!

PS. There are just a couple more days left to win $500 worth of Dot & Bo swag, so get those entries in!

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