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Colsubsidio book posters

Peter Pan and The Werewolf, Alice in Wonderland and The Sword in the Stone, Rapunzel and Don Quixote (via Behance)

I wrote about these super cool book promoting posters a while back, and now there’s a new batch to fall in love with! As the campaign’s tagline “Come with a story and leave with another” hints at, each poster cleverly depicts two different storybook icons. The mash ups are a little harder to figure out than in the previous versions, but the richer colors and details evens out the scorecard in my book!

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rgb wall art murals

Why settle on just one mural when you could have 3 in 1 instead? A Milan based artistic duo known as Carnovsky was clever enough to ask themselves this question, and the result is nothing short of incredible. At first glance, it’s a psychedelic mish mash of animals layered on top of each other in an incomprehensible jumble, but a flick of a switch brings instant clarity! Because each layer of creatures is created in a different primary color, they’re revealed like magic when the color of the room’s light changes. As Jesse Pinkman would say, “Yeeeah science!”

Check out more of their super cool RBG shift works here.

RGB color shift wall mural

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envelope lettering by erik marinovich

It’s exciting enough to find something in your mailbox that’s not a bill or piece of junk mail, so I can’t imagine how amazing it would be to find one of THESE waiting for you when you peeked inside. Erik Marinovich is a letterer based in San Francisco, who co-founded a design studio with the uber talented Jessica Hische, so you know he’s legit! The incredible envelopes you see here are part of his personal project, Do Not Open, which began when he started mailing thank you notes to friends and family in hand addressed envelopes. They became such a huge hit that he has decided to spread the snail mail love to the public – you can now submit your address for a personalized envelope of your very own! Design nerd swoon!

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Jee Young Lee dream rooms

Treasure Hunt | Black Birds | Resurrection

Dreams DO come true, especially if you’re JeeYoung Lee! This incredible South Korean artist spends several weeks (and even months) transforming her tiny 3x6m studio into unbelievably elaborate worlds inspired by her personal life and traditional Korean fables. In fact, her attention to detail is so sharp that none of these photographs are manipulated by Photoshop! My favorite scene is “Treasure Hunt”, which perfectly captures the joy and wonder of childhood…minus giant grasshoppers, of course. Check out the rest of JeeYoung’s surreal sets here!

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Alex Solis sign language alphabet

We all get the best of both worlds when fun and education collide, and illustrator Alex Solis is making it happen with his super cute sign language series! He’s creating a new doodle each day in February, and kids are sure to go wild for the silly critters that make each hand sign just a bit easier to remember. I want teeny cats to climb all over my hand! Check out his website or Instagram account for daily additions!

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designer football helmets

Stripes by Nicole Miller | Spikes by Dannijo | Gemstones by Alice + Olivia | Technicolor swirls by Clover Canyon

Condolences to all the Broncos fans out there – what a crazy game last night! I confess that football doesn’t hold my attention for very long, but maybe revamping the uniforms would fix that – like say, with jewels, stripes, and flowers? Bloomingdale’s teamed up with the NFL and asked 48 fashion designers to put their artistic spin on a football helmet, and the results are so cool! Check out the rest of the haute creations, and you can even enter a bid to win your favorite if you’ve got some extra cash laying around!

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