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Yumi Okita moths

via Beautiful Decay

Moths always bring up memories of summer nights with pulsating clouds of fluttery wings swarming the lights by the door…and the subsequent shrieking that breaks the quiet as I flail my arms and run through them all to get safely inside. Ahhh the joys of summer. If only real life moths were as lovely (and still) as these stunning textile creations by Yumi Okita!

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Big Dog Purse by Carmichael Collective

When I first started pining for a French bulldog to call my own, I often dreamed of all the fun we would have traipsing around NYC together. I would tuck my pup into a cute tote bag, and off we would go onto the subway! Umm yeah, this definitely didn’t work out quite as planned… Toby turned out to be a 35 pound beast with the density of a black hole, whose travel bag is the size of a large duffle bag I can’t carry more than a few steps at a time.

My dreams of having a purse dog were shattered until I spotted this hilarious “Big Dog Purse” by the whimsical experts at Cargo Collective! “Hey girl, what are you up to?” “Oh nothing, just out for a walk with my dog.” Check out the site for a cute video of Milo the dog turning shoppers’ heads as they nonchalantly peruse a boutique clothing store!

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love art prints

Apple of My Eye from Old English Company | Better Half from Hands Off My Dinosaur| XO Love from Rain City Prints | You're Mine and I'm Yours and the World is Ours from Shuffle Prints | You and I Ampersand from Budi Satria Kwan | I Like You from Gemma Correll

Couples everywhere will soon be showering each other with chocolates and flowers for Valentine’s Day, but who needs a calendar to remind you to be nice to your snuggle bunny?! Celebrate your love all year round with these cute love-themed prints

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Visarute Angkatavanich fish photography

Someone once gifted me a betta fish for my 8th birthday, and although my memory of the event is a bit hazy, I can only imagine that my reaction was THANK YOU BUT I REALLY WISH THIS WAS A PUPPY. Fish swimming around in their closed off aquariums have never been particularly interesting to me, but these incredible photos by Visarute Angkatavanich really smashed that barrier into smithereens! The amount of detail captured in each crystal clear shot is just mesmerizing – these teeny fish look so regal with their elegant fins flowing out like designer gowns! There are a lot more shots in the series, so be sure to check out all the fishy beauties here!

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jane denton textile art

Vibrant colors + modern geometric designs = Monday morning swoonfest! New Zealand artist Jane Denton’s wool embroidery artworks are like framed slices of happiness. Check out her store here!



DAY 8: Design Crush is giving away a $300 gift card to Anthropologie!

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DAY 6: Oh the Lovely Things is giving away a $150 gift card to Baba Souk!

DAY 5: Apartment 34 is giving away TWO Loeffler Randall bags!

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floating recipes by pavel becker

I imagine cooking a gourmet meal in outer space would look a little something like this incredible photo series by photographer Pavel Becker and art director Nora Luther – fresh ingredients suspended in a stunning mid-air ballet, stubbornly refusing to land in that pot! “Recipe Photography Concept” puts a twist on traditional cookbook photography by focusing on the individual elements and the delicious anticipation of cooking a meal, rather than the picture perfect end result…which works for me because my cooking rarely comes out à la a Stepford wife :-) Unfortunately there’s no real cookbook out, but you can check out more photos from this tasty series here!

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