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UNELEFANTE chocolate bars

What happens when a designer develops a sweet tooth? Awesome Jackson Pollock-inspired chocolate bars I either want to gobble up or frame and hang up on the wall…haven’t quite decided yet. Check them out at UNELEFANTE!

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a to zoe food typography by tommy perez

via Fast Company

Parents are usually advised to leave the office behind when they come home to their family, but sometimes the two worlds can overlap for some seriously incredible results! Artist Tommy Perez started the “A to Zoë” project to share his love of design with his adorable 2 year old daughter and help her get a head start on learning the alphabet – what a lucky kid! Using mostly Zoë’s favorite foods, he artfully arranges them into their corresponding first letter for a delicious lesson any toddler would enjoy. Check out the in-progress project, along with a whole lot of other eye candy, on Perez’s Flickr stream!

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danmala flowers by kathy klein

Aren’t these floral creations stunning? The vibrant colors, textures, and patterns all work together to form the prettiest eye candy. Arizona-based artist Kathy Klein calls them danmalas based on a mashup of the vedic sanskrit words dan (“the giver”) and mālā (“garland of flowers”), and she leaves them out in nature for people to discover and reflect upon. “The danmalas remind us all to listen to the unheard voice of nature, creation, and the eternal mystery.”

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andrew b meyer photography

Help! I can’t seem to stop clicking through the colorful portfolio of Canadian photographer Andrew B. Myers! He has perfected a striking visual style that makes his images look almost like illustrations, and the playful feel of his photography is a fun contrast against the meticulously arranged compositions. Check out more of his work here – it’ll make you smile!

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Nintai origami dresses

via Strictly Paper

Talk about a head turning little white dress! These stunning creations were put together for a thesis project by Uruguay-based designers, Mercedes Arocena and Lucia Benitez, and I’m going to go ahead and guess that they passed with flying colors. This collection, aptly named “Nintai” (the Japanese word for patience), required the duo to experiment with different fabrics to find one suitable for holding sharp creases while being pliable enough to be molded to the human form. Then they used origami techniques to painstakingly build nearly 200 geometric modules that were then attached to each dress. I’m really in awe of the final dresses, which seem surprisingly wearable despite their rigid structures!

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cool motivational art prints

Do More Of What Makes You Happy from Lily & Val | Work Hard Play Hard from The Motivated Type | Carpe Diem from Karen Hofstetter | Rise And Shine from The Calm Gallery | We All Get The Same 24 Hours from Eliza Cerdeiros

Now matter how much you love your job, there will always be days where you drag your feet all the way to office. Days where you stare off into space wondering what the temperature is in the Bahamas. Days where your dreams seem just out of reach. Here are a few beautiful motivational prints that’ll snap you out of that funk and get you back on the path to productivity, stat!

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