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patina cabana challenge

Earlier this summer, I partnered up with my friend Jess from Coco and Mingo for a fun styling competition hosted by Patina Rentals right here in Brooklyn! We had 1 hour to run around Patina’s studio and choose pieces to decorate our big empty cabana with, which wasn’t an easy task due to all the amazing stuff they have to choose from. Rich velour couches, rustic trunks, ornate bar carts, colorful Moroccan rugs – all at our disposal! I think we spent the first 5 minutes in an overwhelmed daze, walking around gawking at everything like kids in a candy store.

We didn’t have a clear look planned out for our cabana when we started, but luckily Jess and I had some mental telepathy going on and drifted towards several of the same big ticket items almost immediately. From there, it was smooth sailing! The staff at Patina even commented on how well we worked together, and they were totally shocked to find out that it was our first time hanging out :-) Isn’t it awesome when blog friends turn into real life friends? And I may be biased, but I just love the final look of our cabana – it’s such an elegant yet comfy space to hang out and sip on some fancy schmancy cocktails with your girlfriends. I wish I could have hauled those gold bookshelves home with me! Check out more photos and a cool time elapse video of our cabana in the making here. High five, Jess!

The voting period ends this Friday, August 29th, at 12PM EST, so there’s no time to waste! Visit Patina on Instagram and cast your vote by ‘liking’ your favorite cabana – no follow necessary! The photo with the most likes will be declared the winner, so we would be SO grateful if you would go and vote for us. Thanks all!

The photographer on set was David Toquica, and the beautiful flowers were provided by Darlington.

little white whale and coco & mingo patina cabana challenge

little white whale and coco & mingo patina cabana challenge

little white whale and coco & mingo patina cabana challenge

little white whale and coco & mingo patina cabana challenge

little white whale and coco & mingo patina cabana challenge

little white whale and coco & mingo patina cabana challenge

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The Other Woman movie with Popsugar

Movie screenshot from The Other Woman

Popsugar invited some NYC bloggers to a screening of The Other Woman this week, and it was such a fun event to attend! In the movie, Carly (Cameron Diaz) discovers that her perfect boyfriend (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau AKA Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones) is married to Kate (Leslie Mann), and when the two of them discover yet ANOTHER mistress, Amber (Kate Upton), all the ladies team up together to take him down. I’m not really one for super sappy chick flicks, so I was happy that The Other Woman didn’t veer off in that direction. It was straight up hilarious and showed the special bonds we have with our girlfriends in a very sweet but real way. One of my favorite scenes was when Carly and Kate drink the night away and play dress up in Carly’s incredible closet in a drunken laughing stupor – I couldn’t help but smile and think about all the absolutely ridiculous moments I’ve had with my own girlfriends over the years. Watch the trailer below at the :45 mark to see a snippet!

And of course, the wardrobe choices in the film were nothing short of fabulous. I found myself oohing and ahhing over Kate the housewife’s outfits the most. Her style had a very feminine and slightly retro look that I actually found really wearable. Does this mean I’m bound for the suburbs of Connecticut?! Carly, on the other hand, worked as a high powered attorney who wore lots of sleek and classic looking pieces, and Amber’s outfits had a young beachy feel consisting of a lot of denim cut offs, casual tees, and tank tops. Oh yes, and bikinis…I mean you gotta work that in when it comes to Kate Upton, right?

When the movie ended and the giggles subsided, there was a Q&A session with the movie’s legendary costume designer, Patricia Field. This lady is responsible for dressing the casts of Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada, and my personal favorite, Ugly Betty! She talked about her secret to creating believable characters on screen (finding common ground between actors and their personas), and focusing on creating an authentic look rather than picking pieces in the hopes that they’ll become the next big fad. Interesting stuff!

The Other Woman opens on April 25, so round up your ladies for a fun night out!

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V05 blogger luncheon

The shampoo mavens over at V05 have been working hard at developing a new scent for their line, and I was lucky enough to be invited to give some feedback at a luncheon they hosted last week at Back Forty West! We learned a bit about the history of the company, which was really interesting – I had no idea the brand was nearly 60 years old, nor did I know that the name V05 comes from the “5 vitamin oils” that are included in all of their products. The more you know!

The highlight of our luncheon was smelling the samples (obviously)! I had never participated in anything like this before, so the whole process was new and exciting to me. We were given small bottles one at a time, which we sniffed and tried our best to decipher what the heck we were smelling. It was so funny to see how the fragrances impacted everyone differently: “This smells like the color pink! This smells like when you walk onto an airplane!” After jotting down our notes, the experts revealed the breakdowns of each scent, which were surprisingly complex, and we could see if we were close with our assessments.

v05 blogger luncheon

Our session was dessert themed, so everything revolved around sugary goodness. Which one sounds like it would be your favorite?

Scent #1 was light and sweet, with hints of citrus, vanilla, and almonds

Scent #2 had a fruity candy scent that remind me Swedish Fish!

Scent #3 was the most decadent with strong notes of coconut and caramel.

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a giveaway with BHLDN

My wedding planning days may be behind me, but that certainly doesn’t stop me from drooling over all the stunning gowns and sparkly baubles over at BHLDN, and it definitely doesn’t stop me from obsessvely checking out the decor section when I’m in party planning mode! Who can resist darling dinnerware sets and wine stoppers? Not me, that’s for sure. And now you have a chance to throw the prettiest shindig in town by winning this lovely decor package consisting of: Lace Pennant Garlands, Flora Crinkle Fans, and Ridged Tin Vases – hooray!

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment telling me what you would use these decorations for. Wedding? Summer picnic? Girls brunch? An elaborate birthday party for your pet?

For additional entries (please leave a separate comment for each entry):

This giveaway is open to US readers only and will close at midnight on Wednesday, August 7. A winner will be randomly chosen and contacted by email – good luck!!

Update: Congrats to Scarlett Jackson for winning this giveaway!

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alt summit NYC recap

As promised, here are a few helpful tidbits I learned from my time at Alt NYC:

Believe in your own secret sauce
Don’t be swayed from blogging about things that make you excited, out of fear that your readers won’t like it or that it’s not “cool” enough. I’ve posted gigantic photos of spiders, for goodness sake. Trying to emulate others is an exercise in futility – having your own voice is what will draw others to you, so speak up!

Keep your eyes on the prize
Set a goal, and don’t let yourself be distracted from it. Every decision you make should help you inch a teeny bit closer to this goal. If it doesn’t, you’ll be forced to spend even more time and effort into getting yourself back on track, and who wants to do that??


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Little White Whale business cards

Alt NYC was a blast, you guys! I don’t have a lot of friends who are into blogging, so it was wonderful to be able to connect with so many fabulous people who love it as much as I do. Walking into a huge room of girls already chattering away with each other was intimidating (thankfully I spotted Audrey right away!), but everyone was so friendly that my anxiety quickly melted away. We did a few crafts, had some delicious food and drinks, said hi to Martha, and got our learn on. I also bumped into Laicie at the cocktail party afterwards. which was a big blur of balloons, candy, and wine, and we hit it off like old friends – so fun!

I plan on doing a “what I learned” post later this week so I won’t get into all that right now, but I will say that the speakers planted a few seeds into this little head of mine, and the wheels are turning…

* My business cards were printed at Jakprints, and they did an awesome job! One pearl of wisdom here – if you’re thinking of getting your cards edge painted, I recommend doing a bright color and not silver, which is quite hard to see on individual cards. Lesson learned.

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