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happy finds under $40

1. Baggu Metallic Dipped Tote Bag from West Elm | 2. Clear Peach Blossom iPhone 6 Case from Rifle Paper Co. | 3. Miya Catch Cat Tongs | 4. Diamond Shaped Glasses | 5. Ceramic Ring Dishes from Baba Souk | 6. Hearts Emoji Pillow from Throwboy | 7. It Girl Bobbi Pins from

Hi friends! All the fun and beauty of our recent trip to California must have scrambled my brains because my head has been lost in the clouds the past few weeks. Is it too early to blame it on spring fever? Looking forward to getting back to regular posting and catching up on what you guys have been up to on your blogs! In the meantime, here are some smile-inducing picks that recently caught my eye – I want to surround myself with a pile of plush emojis and sip on something tasty served up in that pretty diamond glass!

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gift guide for children of the 80s

Life in this modern age can be pretty sweet, but you know what it’s missing? Crimped hair, leg warmers, and racking up some serious debt on plastic Mall Madness credit cards. Bring back memories of a more neon-filled era with these nostalgic gift ideas!

  1. A couple of these Girl Scout cookie flavored Lip Smakers for your friend who can still recite the Girl Scout Promise by heart
  2. This red and gold plated lego clutch for your friend who can’t help swinging by the Lego store to check out the newest collections
  3. A VHS video tape notebook for your friend who deeply mourned the loss of the last video store in your neighborhood
  4. This clever Mr. Tee print for your friend who’s still trying to rock the iconic mohawk and chains look
  5. This set of Mixtape glasses for your friend who can’t believe kids these days are missing out on the joys of swapping special mixes with friends and crushes!
  6. This Tetris magnet set for your friend who destroyed row after row of blocks until both of their thumbs were calloused
  7. This Nintendo controller iPhone 5 decal for your friend who prefers old school Super Mario Brothers to today’s slick high-tech games, handsdown
  8. This Robocup mug for your friend who continues to eagerly await the arrival of cyborgs
  9. Skip the photo album and create a custom View-Master filled with photos of you and your friend’s recent hijinks
  10. This super fresh Coolio cooler for your friends who enjoy beach/park outings with some good music and tasty food (I actually own this and can vouch for its awesomeness)

Shrimp Salad Circus is giving away a $300 gift card to Julep!
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Gift Guide for Junk Food Lovers

We all have that one not-so-healthy food that we would bring to a deserted island and eat forever for the rest of our lives without any qualms whatsoever, and it’s definitely not a kale salad. My friend Jen absolutely loses her mind over donuts, while my weakness is buttery grilled cheeses – DROOL! Indulge your loved ones with some of their favorite “foods” for the holidays this year, from pizza to ice cream and beyond!

  1. A macaron plush pillow for your friend that makes weekly trips to Ladurée
  2. These cool Alex Garnett ice cream cone lamps for your friend whose ears perk up when they hear the Mr. Softie truck jingle in the distance
  3. A set of these pizza slice plates for your friend that has the local pizza place listed as their emergency contact number
  4. This whimsical candy necklace watch for your friend with a nostalgic sweet tooth
  5. A bag of these potato chip notes for the friend that can’t have just one
  6. This hilarious tortilla swaddle blanket for your friend that just had a baby and really really REALLY loves burritos
  7. This iced coffee candle for your friend who can’t start their day without an orange mocha frappuccino
  8. This sleek gold burger ring for your meat (or veggie!) loving friend
  9. This cheese board for your friend that knows how to pronounce the names of all those gourmet cheeses perfectly
  10. This cute set of ceramic ice cream cones for your friend who would eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if it was socially acceptable to do so

Say Yes is giving away TWO bikes from Public Bikes!
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fun and silly gift ideas for under $30

1. Kitty Cone Art Print from Hooray Today! | 2. Food Truck Bowl from GAMAGO | 3. Royal Doulton Dinner Plates from domino | 4. Gold Tip Fox Paper Clip Holder from CB2 | 5. Dope Lucite Box from Furbish Studio | 6. Split Decision Pie Pan via Amazon | 7. Candy Makeup Bag from Darling Clementine | 8. Recreation Center Brick Planter from Nasty Gal

Just a few happy and budget-friendly things that have caught my eye lately. I want to bear hug whoever invented that split pie pan, thus eliminating the inhumane need to choose between pie recipes – it’s a Thanksgiving miracle item!!

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gender neutral baby gifts

1. Favorite Reversible Printed Jacket from Gap | 2. Lion Nightlight from Jonathan Adler | 3. Helen Dardik Nesting Dolls from Leo & Bella | 4. jChew Chocolate Bar Silicone Teether via Amazon | 5. Ko-Ko-Ko Knitted Cloud Pillow from Jelanieé | 6. Lion Booties from UncommonGoods | 7. Oooo Baby Baby Framed Print from Jasmine Nora Jones | 8. Twisted Pretzels Bubble Leggings from Kira

A couple of our expectant friends and family members are choosing not to know the baby’s gender and are gearing up for a big surprise at the end of the road instead! I would almost certainly keel over in anticipation, so I must applaud their superhuman willpower :-) It’s been refreshing not to have to navigate through the usual sea of pinks and blues while searching for gifts, so I decided to put together a few of my favorite finds! Dear NYC friends, I’m totally buying all of your future babies those little pretzel leggings – too cute!

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whimsical gifts under $45

1. Vintage Caravan Necklace from Fine Format | 2. IMM Living Snail Container via Amazon | 3. Ferris Wheel Lamp from Dormify | 4. Matt & Molly Tea Towels with Mini Pompoms from Nicole Porter Design | 5. Lighthouse Carafe and Shooter Set from UncommonGoods | 6. Fred and Friends Taco Truck Taco Holder via Amazon | 7. Falconwright Cactus Leather Card Holder from Urban Outfitters | 8. Skinnydip London Soundbuds from Nasty Gal

Here are a few playful gift ideas for the happy-go-lucky people in your life! Hopefully they love tacos too, because that taco truck is freaking genius.

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