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Some people may say obsessively scrolling through Pinterest each day is a complete waste of time, and these people are what we call Debbie Downers. Where else can you find decor ideas, dinner recipes, and a new ways to braid your hair all in one place? It’s a learning mecca, I tell ya! And to prove my point, here are some great usable-in-real-life household tips I’ve recently picked up from the pinning paradise:

  1. Instead of trying to hide every electrical cord in the house, funkify them with some colored tape. You’ll actually be happy to see them peeking out from around the room!
  2. Key caps begone! Color code your keys using nail polish (duh)
  3. Freeze fresh herbs in olive oil, and pop them out as needed. I won’t let herbs sit around in my fridge until they turn brown ever again. Promise.
  4. Use binder clips to organize chargers and cables. This action is going on on my desk right now, and I haven’t had to crawl around on my hands and knees, groping blindly at wires since. Success!
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Washi tape keyboard via Pinterest | Washi tape calendar labels from Take Two They're Small | Washi tape tree via Pinterest | MT masking tape jars via Flickr

So the good news is that I’ve managed to build up a little stockpile of beautiful washi tape over the past few years. The bad news is that they mostly just sit around looking pretty in a big mason jar on the shelf. What a waste! However I predict that they’ll see a bit more action soon, after the discovery of these creative washi tape DIYs!

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Don’t toss the corks from your wild weekend of wine and bubbly! With a package of Corkers, you can have a glass (or three) of deliciousness and a funny little critter to call your very own. Each one comes with teeny body parts and accessories that you can adorn your corks with Mr. Potato Head-style. They’re so cute that that you’d surely have a full blown zoo on your hands in no time!

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…if you want to get any work done today. I warned you! The chubby one that seems to have toppled out of the bed just kills me. Damn you, Pinterest!

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via Freshome

Bad news, folks. Unfortunately we only won $2 from our Mega Millions lottery ticket this weekend, instead of the $640 million I had anticipated. Slight difference. Ahh c’est la vie!

If we had hit the jackpot, I’d be on a private jet to France right now to check out this mind-boggling room at the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille. The split between pristine white and absolute chaos is jarring to say the least, and I particularly love how the dividing line runs right through the mirror and bureau without stopping. This two-faced room was created by renowned graffiti artist, Tilt, and has been dubbed the “Panic Room”.

Hubs took one look at these photos and declared that it was a headache waiting to happen. I, on the other hand, think it’s kind of like having a piece of NYC in France :-) Would you check in here for a good night’s rest?

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If Toby finds himself a lady friend by next Tuesday, he can woo her with a pair of Jimmy Chews and something sparkly from Sniffany & Co. Tee hee.

How hilarious is this line of dog toys by Haute Diggity Dog?? They don’t seem to have an online store, but you can go on a lux spending spree over at Designer Doggy!

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