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burger bash party inspiration

The Invite: "Burger Beer" Paperless Post invitation
The Set Up: DIY Burger balloons | RedNek Party Bucket | Barbeque Grill Condiment Set | Cotton Printed Napkins | Reusable "Paper" Dinner Plates | Striped Party Paper Cups
The Burgers: Sriracha-Mayo Burger | Hoisin Burgers | Loaded Chili Cheeseburgers | Bistro Burger | Chips 'n' Guac Burger
The Finale: Cheeseburger Cake | Cookie Fries

Nothing feels more like summer around our house than firing up the grill and chomping into a smoky burger under blue skies and sunshine. We’ll be sticking around town for the 4th of July this year, and I think a burger themed bash would be a fun twist on our usual run-of-the-mill barbecues! Trying out a whole bunch of different burger recipes with crazy toppings sounds like heaven to this pregnant lady’s ears. And you certainly don’t need to twist my arm for an excuse to make some of these whimsical balloons or this showstopper of a cake, although I don’t have high hopes that mine would come out quite as lovely…

*This post was written in collaboration with Paperless Post. Their invitations are a design lover’s dream, so be sure to check them out for your next par-tay!

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whimsical gifts

1. Fist Necklace from A+R | 2. Footed Mug from UncommonGoods | 3. Kikkerland Owl Contact Lens Cases via Amazon | 4. Skirt With Shark Shaped Pockets from Lazzari | 5. Melting Popsicle Ring Holder from | 6. High Stylers Nail Polish Bottle Highlighter Pens via Amazon | 7. Random Crap Bag from ModCloth

At what age exactly are you too old to buy things like a skirt with fearsomely cute shark head pockets? I hope the answer is never because I don’t think I’ll ever stop filling my home with playful quirky products. Here are a few picks that made me smile (I need about 10 of those “Random Crap” bags, stat), and I hope you’ll get a chuckle out them as well!

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travel inspired gift guide

1. World Map With Pins from Oliver Jeffers Shop | 2. Airbus 24k Gold Plated Earrings via Amazon | 3. HND Pillow Cover from airporttag | 4. Around The World Leather Watch from Urban Outfitters | 5. The Fifty United Plates from Corbe Company | 6. The World Is Your Oyster World Globe from Wild & Free Designs

If I ever found myself with a winning lottery ticket in my hand, you can be rest assured that we’d be boarding a plane for a wild trip around the world so fast it would make your head spin! Weird foods, beautiful sights, and cozy hotels are like my fun trifecta. My inner 5 year always starts screaming “We’re here! We’re here!” when the plane starts descending down towards the airport, as I smudge up the window to get a closer look at the new landscape glittering down below :-) Here are a few fun travel inspired goodies that will remind you to rekindle your sense of adventure every once in a while – as that gorgeous globe boldly declares, the world is your oyster!

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fake out home decor

1. Alice in Wonderland Hollow Book Safe from Virtual Distortion | 2. Reusable "Paper" Dinner Plate from Amazon | 3. Crinkle Bag Vase from MoMA Store | 4. Stone Poufs from fivetimesone | 5. Stuck Up Magnet Set from Perpetual Kid

These innocent looking goodies aren’t quite what they seem, so go ahead and take a nap on a pile of rocks! While you’re at it, stick a few wads of chewed up gum on the fridge, and throw those paper plates right into the sink too :-) Happy April Fools’ Day!

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back to school inspired gifts

1. Sheet of Paper Dish Cloth from Magazin | 2. Pattern Pens from Poketo | 3. Makr Backpack from fott | 4. Apple Shaped Cushion from Studio Meez | 5. Vintage Lufkin Ruler Bangle from JacQ | 6. Back to School Socks from UncommonGoods

All of these back to school sales going on right now have me dreaming of Trapper Keepers, multiplication tables, and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Luckily there are no algebra tests in my foreseeable future – hooray!

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btis of summer

Patrice and Béatrice Plush Toys from Smallable | Popsicle Studs from Kate Spade | The Baba Shopper from Baba Souk | Beaches Glasses from Sisters of Los Angeles | Sunglasses Photo Frame from Urban Outfitters

I know back to school sales are in full swing, but I’m still clinging onto bits of summer as long as possible. After a fun weekend of strolling around in the sunshine, picnicking in the park with friends, and sipping on fresh squeezed lemonade, I don’t want this fabulous weather to end!

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