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oversized office gear

Giant Pencil Sharpener Pen Pot from Our Workshop (sold out, but you can also purchase here) | Wow, That's a Big Lamp from Land of Nod | Push Pin Wall Hooks from Fancy | Oversized Bulldog Clip Magazine Rack from Not on the High Street

Hang your jacket on a push pin? Store magazines in a binder clip? Bigger is definitely better when it comes to these whimsically oversized office supplies!

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creative packaging

Beehive Honey Squares by Lucy Kuhn | Teapee by Sophie Pépin | EarBudeez Headphones by JDA | Mustache Paintbrushes by Simon Laliberté

These fun packaging concepts made me smile, which just goes to show that sometimes in life it’s the outside that counts!

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mermaid inspiration

Urban Mermaid Tee from Adorkable Apparel | Mermaid Double Glass from ZZKKO | Mermaid Candle from Catbird NYC | Gold Shell Locket from Dreams by the Sea | Mint Sequin Shorts from MeeMee

Channel your inner Ariel with these sweet mermaid picks! The only thing missing is a funny little crab sidekick to go on adventures with. Les poissons, les poissons. How I LOVE les poissons!

PS. I’m guest posting today over at Short & Sweet, so go check it out if you’re interested in some whimsical baby gift ideas!

PPS. Have you entered the fab BHLDN giveaway going on right now?

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dripping inspired accessories

Paint drip wall hook from Not on the High Street | Artist paint drip mug from Tate | Drippings ring from Boticca | Sacchetto Essent'ial Sack from Little Green Sub

Hope you all had a relaxing holiday weekend! I had so much fun gallivanting around town with friends and family these past few days, but damn, was it hot and humid! I swear I heard a teeny wicked witch voice in the back of my head screeching “I’m meeeelting” every time I stepped out into the sun for more than a few minutes. It might be time to convince everyone in my apartment building to put an inflateable kiddie pool up on the roof for the rest of the summer.

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pretty temporary tattoos

Temporary Moth Tattoo from Burrowing Home | Fly from Gumtoo | Infinity Temporary Tattoo from Tattify | Big Dipper Temporary Tattoo from Spirit Ink

There was a time – not too long ago, I might add – when my friends and I couldn’t resist ourselves when we came across a temporary tattoo vending machine. We would bypass all the dainty hearts & stars and head straight for the most ludicrous designs we could get our hands on. My personal favorite was a giant cobra wrapped around a knife – what a fine work of art that was! Now that we’re a wee bit older, I think I’d much prefer to rock one of these pretty flaming skulls-free tattoos when my day needs a fun boost!

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DIY book planter from Green Wedding Shoes | DIY Book Shelves from Real Simple | To Kill a Mockingbird booksi iPhone dock from Rich Neeley Designs | Heart shaped carving hollow book from pommes frites

In the ongoing war between books and e-books, I’m Team Books all the way. I know, I know – Kindles hold hundreds of books, have lots of cute covers, and most importantly, never give you a single paper cut (shudder). And yet, reading’s just not the same for me without going down to the library and perusing through the shelves to pick the perfect one to bring home. I love marking great passages with bits of paper like some strange species of squirrel, and wondering who else read that exact copy snuggled up on the couch, turning page after page long past bedtime.

I know that books will unfortunately go the way of the dinosaurs one day, and when that day comes, I’ll be turning mine into awesome shelving units and iPhone docking stations. Hey, when life hands you lemons!

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