Feathers Pillow from Lint and Honey | Yeah Pillow from Woouf! | Inland Empire Cushion from Min Pin | Ra Ra Pillow from Home-Work | Heart Pillow Cover from Michelle Dwight Designs | Sophie the Swan Pillow from Hey Juni

Why hello there, Monday morning, you’ve managed to sneak up on me once again. Who wants to build a cozy fort out of these pretty pillows and escape from the real world for just a teeny tiny bit longer?

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1. Fox Patterned Embossed Rolling Pin from Valek Rolling Pins | 2. Bottle Grinder Spice Mill Set from LEIF | 3. Glass Pot from MoMA Store| 4. Bunny Chopping Board from Let It Reign | 5. Kujira Humpback Whale Knife from Hand-Eye Supply | 6. Take Out Serve Bowl from CB2 | 7. Ravioli Spoon Rest from Monkey Business

I’m generally in charge of dinner at our house, which is awesome 99% of the time! I love trying new recipes and putzing around the kitchen, plus I REALLY love going to the grocery store (please tell me I’m not the only one). But there are days when the thought of whipping up some food feels “meh”, and en extra boost of fun is required…like say, with the help of a bunny cutting board?? Here are a few whimsical kitchen products that will help make work in the kitchen feel like play!

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Rebecca Allen Animal and Peach Pillow from DENY Designs| Floral Kaleidoscope Pillow from Bouffants And Broken Hearts | Palm Leaf Pillow Cover from IE Design | Teepee Quilted Pillow from ferm LIVING | Gran Linen Pillow from Fine Little Day| Summer Triangles Pillow from Her Art

One of the pillows on our couch is getting a bit worn due to someone‘s big butt laying on it all day long, which means it’s shopping time! *spirit fingers* Here are a few cheerful options I’ve got my eye on!

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1. Cool Gem Speaker from Give Simple | 2. Canvas Notebooks from Franklin Mill | 3. Atomic Yellow Table Lamp from CB2 | 4. Pokey Snail Tape Dispenser via Amazon | 5. Crinkle Trash Bin from A+R | 6. Nessie Push Pins from Perpetual Kid | 7. Bestiary Folder Tray from Anthropologie

I’ve never had the good fortune of working anywhere that offered Summer Fridays, AKA one of the best company perks in existence. If you’re in the same boat as me, I hope you’ll liven up your work space with some of these fun picks…you know, so you won’t cry TOO hard when you see your Facebook and Twitter friends frolicking around in the afternoon sun while you’re stuck at your desk.

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Do More Of What Makes You Happy from Lily & Val | Work Hard Play Hard from The Motivated Type | Carpe Diem from Karen Hofstetter | Rise And Shine from The Calm Gallery | We All Get The Same 24 Hours from Eliza Cerdeiros

Now matter how much you love your job, there will always be days where you drag your feet all the way to office. Days where you stare off into space wondering what the temperature is in the Bahamas. Days where your dreams seem just out of reach. Here are a few beautiful motivational prints that’ll snap you out of that funk and get you back on the path to productivity, stat!

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Green staircase runner from Desire to Inspire | Green chevron chest from House Beautiful | Green draperies from Veranda Magazine, via Verdigris Vie | Green accented Bathroom from Easy Living Magazine

I don’t tend to gravitate towards green for home decor for some unknown reason. In fact, just a quick glance around our house reveals nothing green. Nada. Zilch. I think I need to get my head checked because these kelly green hued homes are simply GORGEOUS! The color is so vibrant that it creates a really fun and modern atmosphere that I would be happy to be enveloped in every day. Since my black thumb prevents me from having plants around, I’m starting to think that I should start sneaking in greenery via decor picks :-) Is anyone else amazed that floor length bright green curtains could look so elegant with the right styling? Stunning!

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