I always shriek with delight when my channel surfing this time of year brings me to one of my favorite Halloweeny movies, “Arachnophobia”! It’s simultaneously funny and gross and terrifying (I’m STILL severely traumatized by the jumping spider in the shower scene) and a true childhood classic for me. And is there a better way to celebrate this campy 90’s horror movie than with a batch of creepy spider cupcakes?? I think not! Read on to learn how to transform innocent cupcakes into an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare!

creepy spider cupcakes

What you’ll need:

  • a box of chocolate cake mix
  • 1 can each of vanilla (I found a seasonal version that was tinted orange) and chocolate frosting
  • a piping bag with a narrow tip
  • small malted milk balls like Whoppers
  • Lindt Lindor truffles or any other large round milk chocolate candy
  • orange sprinkles and red confetti sprinkles (optional)

creepy spider cupcakes

  1. Bake the cupcakes according to the directions on the box, and let them cool
  2. Frost those babies with vanilla frosting! I went the extra mile and piped it on using a zig zag pattern so the spider would have a flat surface to sit on, but it’s certainly not necessary
  3. Place a Whopper and a truffle in the center of a cupcake to create the spider body
  4. Load up a clean piping bag with a few large spoonfuls of chocolate frosting, and use a narrow tip to add a dab of frosting between the candy to “glue” them together. Then pipe on some long spooky spider legs
  5. Place two orange sprinkles in front of the head for eyes/fangs
  6. The truffles I used featured a little indentation mark, so I added a dab of frosting and covered it up with a red confetti sprinkle for a black widow look
  7. Serve up your platter of spider cupcakes and wait for your guests to scream in terror – muhahaha!

creepy spider cupcakes

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My favorite pie-makin’ lady, Laicie, is off on a European adventure, so I’m over at A Thousand Threads today to share some cute printable pie treat boxes! They’re the perfect size to fill with little treats and trinkets, and ANY reason to stock up on candy is a plus in my book :-)

Head on over to find out how you can print your own boxes – no oven needed!

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I’ve collected a few temporary tattoos over the years that I don’t feel like I can really rock now as a grown ass adult, so I set out to see if they would adhere to something other than my biceps. And you know what I found out? THEY TOTALLY DO! Tattoo collection = salvaged!

First I gathered up my supplies:

  • a completely flat white plate from CB2, which provided the perfect canvas for this experiment
  • this adorable zebra tattoo from Gumtoo – be sure to check out their great selection of fun tatts!

And then I applied the tattoo exactly like how you would normally, just substituting “plate” for “skin”:

  1. Clean the plate by wiping it down with a bit of rubbing alcohol, and make sure it’s completely dry
  2. Remove the tattoo’s clear protective covering, and place it face down wherever you’d like on the plate
  3. Place a wet paper towel against it and gently press down until it’s thoroughly wet. Wait 30 seconds, then carefully peel off the paper backing
  4. Dab away any excess water, and your newly inked plate is ready for some trinkets once it’s all dry!

The tattoo adheres quite well, but you can also add a coat of clear gloss to make your design permanent. Otherwise, it’s removable using rubbing alcohol and elbow grease, so you can revamp your plate over and over again – think of all the possibilities!

temporary tattoo hack

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I bought these cheapo wooden boxes a while back, but I couldn’t figure out exatly what to do with them, so they’ve just been gathering dust around the apartment…until now! Inspiration struck last weekend while I was researching all things Japanese (we have a Tokyo vacation planned for this fall – please send me tips!), and I decided some kawaii style boxes were just what I needed to organize my craft supplies! I love how they turned out, and filling their little heads with washi tape and other doodads has been cracking me up.

Plus these boxes are super duper easy to customize – wouldn’t it be fun to make one for each member of your family?! Go crazy with it!

DIY wooden box head

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • an unfinished cigar box or any other wooden crafts box
  • screwdriver
  • acrylic paint
  • pencil
  • fine black marker
  • 2 pieces of patterned paper, sized down to fit the inside of the box
  • rubber cement

DIY box head instructions

  1. Use a screwdriver to remove all the hardware
  2. Paint the entire lid with the “hair color” of your choice. Then paint the sides and the back of the lower half of the box and let dry – be sure to leave the front clear for the face!
  3. Paint the inner sides of the lid and box. Don’t worry about being too neat – we’ll be lining the insides with paper later on
  4. Very lightly (this is important if you’re using a pale color) sketch out the hair and face on the front of the box with a pencil, and then fill in the hair portion with paint
  5. Once all the paint is dry, trace over the eye and mouth with a black marker. Erase any stray pencil marks if necessary
  6. Screw all the hardware back in. Spread a thin layer of rubber cement on the unpainted insides of the box, and carefully line with your pretty paper
  7. Fill up that adorable head with some trinkets!

DIY wooden box head

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Our weekend of wedding fun did not disappoint! It was filled with love, sunshine, mountains of food, acrobatic dancing (seriously), and many trips down memory lane. I’m not usually an emotional mess at weddings, but I couldn’t help tearing up when I saw my friend all decked out in her gorgeous wedding gown for the first time, standing in her childhood home where we had spent so much time gabbing about school and boys as kids. Lifelong friendships like this are hard to come by, and I feel so incredibly lucky to be by their side as they embark on this new chapter in their lives.

free printable diamond ring gift tags

And since my heart is still aflutter from these past few days, I created some cute diamond ring gift tags for you to use for your upcoming weddings and bridal showers – just print and cut out to accessorize your gifts! After all, a little bling is always nice, even in paper form :-) I’ve created two versions: a gift tag with a solid center and a gift topper with a cut out center. Enjoy!

Download the PDF here

free printable diamond ring gift tags

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One of the best parts of summer is being able to grab a good book, throw some fruit and sandwiches into a cooler, and jet out the door for the whole day. To the park! To the beach! To infinity and beyond, as long as you can soak up some of that glorious sunshine.

One of the worst parts of summer is settling into the perfect shady spot for a lunch time break and reaching into the cooler, only to find that condensation from your ice packs has dripped over all of your delicious snacks. I don’t know why this bothers me so much, but it drives me nuts! In the hopes of having non-soggy picnics this year, I made these little ice pack cozies based on this soap pouch tutorial! They’re SO easy to make that I whipped up a few extra just for kicks. If you can sew in a straight line (the extent of my abilities), you can deck out your ice packs with a fun and useful new look!

DIY ice pack cover

What you’ll need:

  • reusable cooler ice pack (mine were about 3″ x 5.25″ in size)
  • canvas fabric
  • sewing machine

DIY ice pack cover tutorial

  1. Cut your canvas down to a 7″ x 10.25″ rectangle, and decorate however you’d like
  2. Fold the top edge down .5″, fold it down over again, and sew a straight line across. Repeat the process with the bottom edge
  3. Fold the bottom of the canvas up just enough to cover the width of the ice pack, about 3″
  4. Fold the top of the canvas down about 1.5″
  5. Place the ice pack on top to make sure there’s at least .5″ of wiggle room around the top and bottom
  6. Sew straight lines down the left and right edges to create a pouch thingamajig
  7. Turn your pouch inside out – pretty!
  8. Tuck in your ice pack, and pull the flap over to cover it
  9. It’s picnic time!

* This post was created as part of RedEnvelope’s Anatomy of a Picnic Guide Project

DIY ice pack cover

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