DIY or Buy a mountain pillow

Crafty folks: I love the fuzzy shearling “snow” on this adorable mountain pillow – it’s such a fun touch! Learn how to make your own over at Design Sponge.

Not-so-crafty folks: If you tend to use your sewing machine more as a fancy paper weight than for actual sewing projects (ahem, like yours truly), you may be better off buying this plush pillow from Three Bad Seeds. Bonus: It comes in 4 pretty colors!

If you can’t get enough of the mountain trend, be sure to check out the DIY mouse pad I put together a while back!

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cool motivational art prints

Do More Of What Makes You Happy from Lily & Val | Work Hard Play Hard from The Motivated Type | Carpe Diem from Karen Hofstetter | Rise And Shine from The Calm Gallery | We All Get The Same 24 Hours from Eliza Cerdeiros

Now matter how much you love your job, there will always be days where you drag your feet all the way to office. Days where you stare off into space wondering what the temperature is in the Bahamas. Days where your dreams seem just out of reach. Here are a few beautiful motivational prints that’ll snap you out of that funk and get you back on the path to productivity, stat!

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creative packaging design

1. Lipton Ice Tea by Jessica Duncan | 2. Goo Rum by Studio 3 Pieces | 3. Blood of Grapes by Constantin Bolimond | 4. by Pentagram | 5. Potty Mouh Soaps by Justin Nowak

My weakness for awesome packaging design means that all of these goodies would definitely end up in my cart if I was out shopping!

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cinco de mayo party ideas

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, so dust off your sombrero because it’s time to throw a fiesta! Some party essentials?

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flower xrays by brendan fitzpatrick

April showers bring May flowers…ghostly see-through ones, in this case! I can’t stop staring at these fascinating flower x-rays by photographer Brendan Fitzpatrick – just look at the intricate layers of that single rose! This unusual perspective just goes to show that flowers are beautiful from the inside out.

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porcelain and stone

Isn’t this such a pretty color palette? Love the nautical feel of these dainty baubles from Porcelain and Stone, which are all handmade in Somerville, MA – my old college town!

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