toby the easter bunny

…right after he catches up on his favorite TV show. One or two episodes, tops, and then he’ll totally finish delivering sweet treats to all your houses. Promise!

toby the easter bunny


Caught sleeping on the job! Looks like some of you may have to buy your own Peeps this year :-) Happy Easter!

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The Other Woman movie with Popsugar

Movie screenshot from The Other Woman

Popsugar invited some NYC bloggers to a screening of The Other Woman this week, and it was such a fun event to attend! In the movie, Carly (Cameron Diaz) discovers that her perfect boyfriend (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau AKA Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones) is married to Kate (Leslie Mann), and when the two of them discover yet ANOTHER mistress, Amber (Kate Upton), all the ladies team up together to take him down. I’m not really one for super sappy chick flicks, so I was happy that The Other Woman didn’t veer off in that direction. It was straight up hilarious and showed the special bonds we have with our girlfriends in a very sweet but real way. One of my favorite scenes was when Carly and Kate drink the night away and play dress up in Carly’s incredible closet in a drunken laughing stupor – I couldn’t help but smile and think about all the absolutely ridiculous moments I’ve had with my own girlfriends over the years. Watch the trailer below at the :45 mark to see a snippet!

And of course, the wardrobe choices in the film were nothing short of fabulous. I found myself oohing and ahhing over Kate the housewife’s outfits the most. Her style had a very feminine and slightly retro look that I actually found really wearable. Does this mean I’m bound for the suburbs of Connecticut?! Carly, on the other hand, worked as a high powered attorney who wore lots of sleek and classic looking pieces, and Amber’s outfits had a young beachy feel consisting of a lot of denim cut offs, casual tees, and tank tops. Oh yes, and bikinis…I mean you gotta work that in when it comes to Kate Upton, right?

When the movie ended and the giggles subsided, there was a Q&A session with the movie’s legendary costume designer, Patricia Field. This lady is responsible for dressing the casts of Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada, and my personal favorite, Ugly Betty! She talked about her secret to creating believable characters on screen (finding common ground between actors and their personas), and focusing on creating an authentic look rather than picking pieces in the hopes that they’ll become the next big fad. Interesting stuff!

The Other Woman opens on April 25, so round up your ladies for a fun night out!

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Colsubsidio book posters

Peter Pan and The Werewolf, Alice in Wonderland and The Sword in the Stone, Rapunzel and Don Quixote (via Behance)

I wrote about these super cool book promoting posters a while back, and now there’s a new batch to fall in love with! As the campaign’s tagline “Come with a story and leave with another” hints at, each poster cleverly depicts two different storybook icons. The mash ups are a little harder to figure out than in the previous versions, but the richer colors and details evens out the scorecard in my book!

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fun wedding gift ideas

1. Flourish Anniversary Wine Boxes from Wine For A Wedding | 2. Happily Ever After Pillow from Alexandra Ferguson | 3. Two Of A Kind Bar Belles Hiball Set from | 4. Cheese & Crackers Serving Board from UncommonGoods | 5. Custom Wedding Papercut from Epic Layers | 6. Peas Pass the Salt and Pepper Shaker Set from ModCloth

Sometimes when your favorite people in the world get married, it can be hard to celebrate their joyous occasion by buying them a nice and practical vacuum cleaner or toaster oven. Don’t get me wrong – a toasted sandwich is delicious, but where’s the fun in that? Here are a few unique goodies that’ll stand out from the rest of the gift table AND secure your position as #1 wedding guest. I’ll gladly toast to that!

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diy or buy egg planters

Thank you so much for your sweet messages the other week – I’m feeling a whole lot better, so we’re back in business over here!

Crafty folks: Whipping up an Easter menu full of egg dishes? Save those shells and turn them into a mini garden with this easy DIY from Home Shoppe.

Not-so-crafty folks: If cleaning out slimy egg shells is not at the top of your to do list, these porcelain egg planters from Revisions Design are an adorable (and durable) alternative!

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friday grab bag april 14

Happy Friday! After somehow twisting my ankle AND coming down with a fever over the past few days, I’m going to take the hint and take a week off from the blog to pull myself together before my head falls off too. See you guys back here in a week! This week I’m loving…

  • This beautiful wood ring box from Woodstorming that would make any wedding engagement just a tad bit sweeter
  • The blue waters of the world’s largest swimming pool at the San Alfonso del Mar Resort in Chile, which holds an incredible 66 million gallons of water. Bucket listed!
  • Pretty much everything about this star filled toddler room decorated by SISSY+MARLEY from Mom’s Best, especially that teeny tiny bed
  • These clever baby shower invitations from The Indigo Bunting that look like perfect little dumplings

PS. This goes against the whole “resting up” thing, but I’ve been working on an incredibly exciting project I just can’t wait to share with you all. Details soon!

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