easy gingerbread pumpkin smores

If a campfire s’more met a slice of pumpkin pie at a party, and they went on to fall in love and have babies, this would be the result: Gooey marshmallow. A rich dollop of pumpkin goodness. Crunchy bites filled with ginger and cinnamon. What a heavenly mashup!

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diy or buy a zebra rug

Crafty folks: I’m pretty blown away that this super fun zebra rug is made from a few yards of felt – genius! Learn how to make your own with this Dorm Decor tutorial over at Etsy.

Not-so-crafty folks: If you would prefer not to spend several hours cutting up bits of felt on the floor, fork over some cash for this luxe llama wool version by Jonathan Adler.

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friday grab bag

Happy Friday! I’ll be picking up some blue rock candy this weekend and trying really hard to hold it together for the finale of Breaking Bad. Please don’t die, Jesse!! This week I’m loving…

  • These calorie-free donut balloons over at Studio DIY.
  • This beautiful set of “sticks and stones” rings from Colby June.
  • The subtle creepiness of this clever plastic skull chair via The Sly Oyster.
  • Creamy tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons from Tracey’s Culinary Adventures – one of my favorite meals when it’s chilly out!
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Tyra von Zweigbergk window display

This quirky window display by Swedish designer Tyra von Zweigbergk made me smile, and it was created by sticking bits of tape directly on the glass! This would be a really fun idea for dressing up our windows with Halloweeny faces using glow in the dark tape, but of course there’s a street light right in front of our apartment. Foiled!

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Girls Club home decor

1. Calories Don't Count print from Daily Dishonesty | 2. Robert Abbey Delta Table Lamp from Lamps Plus | 3. Feathered Nest Container from Pure Home | 4. Pinched Glazed Planter from LEIF | 5. Kitty Cat Magnet Trio from Babasouk | 6. Aphrodite Tufted Modern Chaise Lounge from Home Furniture Showroom

Here are some sweet and girly decor picks that have recently caught my eye! Any tips on how to convince your husband to agree to a hot pink lamp?

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free fonts haul

Corn Mazes in Weston Light | Hoodies in Mix Cut Outs | Halloween Candy in Movie Letters | Wool Sweaters in Remachine Script | Fall Foliage in TrashHand | Cider Donuts in Corki Rounded | Crisp Air in Lovelo | Vampy Nailpolish in CAC Champagne | Jack O Lanterns in Solid 3d | Apple Picking in Florence

Helloooooo autumn! Here are some things I’m looking forward to in the upcoming weeks of my favorite season of the year. Come to mama, fresh cider donuts. Enjoy!

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