easy DIY tile tray

While we were out Black Friday shopping last week, I bought a bag of small wooden knobs at the crafts store with the intention of using them as wall hooks. Then Hubs had to pick up something at Home Depot, so Toby and I meandered around through the store while he was gathering up his doodads, and we stumbled upon the treasure trove known as the tile section. I found a good sized ceramic tile adorned with a lovely marble pattern for only $2(!!) and quickly realized I could combine the two to create a SUPER easy DIY tray. And when I say easy, I mean like 5 minutes easy.

DIY tile tray

Here’s what you’ll need:

easy DIY tile tray

  1. Turn over the tile and figure out where you want to place the feet
  2. Liberally apply superglue to the flat top of one the knobs, and attach it to the tile. The glue dries quickly, so you’ve gotta work fast!
  3. Repeat with the other 3 knobs
  4. Flip the tile right-side-up, and weight it with something heavy, preferably with your collection of awesome Harry Potter books, to help set the glue
  5. Carefully wash and dry the surface of the tile
  6. Time to load it up with some tasty treats!

I tried painting the wooden feet in a rich metallic gold color, but it looked too flashy with the marble design in a Tony Montana sort of way, so that idea was scrapped. I rather like the super simple and modern combination of white ceramic and light colored wood, and I’ll be able to use this baby all year round!

easy DIY tile tray


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Gift Guide for Junk Food Lovers

We all have that one not-so-healthy food that we would bring to a deserted island and eat forever for the rest of our lives without any qualms whatsoever, and it’s definitely not a kale salad. My friend Jen absolutely loses her mind over donuts, while my weakness is buttery grilled cheeses – DROOL! Indulge your loved ones with some of their favorite “foods” for the holidays this year, from pizza to ice cream and beyond!

  1. A macaron plush pillow for your friend that makes weekly trips to Ladurée
  2. These cool Alex Garnett ice cream cone lamps for your friend whose ears perk up when they hear the Mr. Softie truck jingle in the distance
  3. A set of these pizza slice plates for your friend that has the local pizza place listed as their emergency contact number
  4. This whimsical candy necklace watch for your friend with a nostalgic sweet tooth
  5. A bag of these potato chip notes for the friend that can’t have just one
  6. This hilarious tortilla swaddle blanket for your friend that just had a baby and really really REALLY loves burritos
  7. This iced coffee candle for your friend who can’t start their day without an orange mocha frappuccino
  8. This sleek gold burger ring for your meat (or veggie!) loving friend
  9. This cheese board for your friend that knows how to pronounce the names of all those gourmet cheeses perfectly
  10. This cute set of ceramic ice cream cones for your friend who would eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if it was socially acceptable to do so

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JORD Ely wood watch

I’ve always really loved the look of a modern wooden watch, and after buying my husband one for his birthday a while back, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect one for myself. Well as luck would have it, Jord made my search MUCH easier by offering me one of their beautiful watches to review! I chose the lovely “Ely” watch in Maple because of its simple design, and I couldn’t be happier with the new addition to my wardrobe.

JORD Ely wood watch

First of all, this watch feels so incredibly light that sometimes I forget I even have it on because it’s so comfortable to wear! Thankfully there’s a scratch-resistant face to protect it as I clumsily flail my arms around all day :-) The unfussy neutral style also makes it easy to pair with just about any outfit you can think of aside from a sequined floor length gown. Flannel shirts? Yep. Cozy sweaters? You betcha. Cool tees? Absolutely! The watch seems to be well constructed, and I love how the the natural beauty of the wood is brought to the forefront in its design. All in all, this baby is a minimalist lover’s dream!

Even better? Jord watches are handcrafted with care from 100% sustainably sourced wood from across the globe, AND they refrain from using toxic chemicals to treat/protect the wood – how cool is that?? They offer watches for both men and women, so head on over to their site and make a dent in your holiday shopping list!

JORD Ely wood watch


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24 merry days 2014 promo

December is upon us, and you know what that means… 24 Merry Days is back in action! My inner Oprah is going bonkers right now – YOU get a present, and YOU get a present, and YOU get a present! Presents for everybodyyyy!

The amazing lady behind it all, Audrey of This Little Street, has scored some off-the-charts gifts this year that you really won’t want to miss. Want a few sneak peeks? Loeffler Randall handbags, a gold bar cart from Dot and Bo, and the cutest retro Smeg fridge are just a few goodies that will be up for grabs this month!

All the fun starts on Dec 1st, and my giveaway will be taking place this Thursday on Dec 4th. Be sure to check out the website (built by yours truly!) every day, or follow along via the 24 Merry Days Facebook page!

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Toby the French bulldog dreams of turkey

Time has been flying by so quickly that having a few days off to loaf around with friends and family sounds like absolute heaven. And as you can see, Toby’s been dreaming of this day ALL month :-) Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with lots of love and buttery mashed potatoes!

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pretty home DIY projects

Lucite Tray DIY by Brit.co | Gold Moon Wall by A Beautiful Mess | Faux Zebra Rug by Brittany Makes | DIY Copper Plumbing Pipe Hooks by Remodelista

Adding a statement piece to your house doesn’t always require a trip to the mall, sometimes it just takes a bit of elbow grease! These gorgeous DIY projects will take your home to the next level and make it look like a gazillion bucks – I mean, how stunning is that moon mural?? I would love to have one painted in our bedroom for goodnight wishes!

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