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The day has finally arrived! Hubs and I are headed to Asia to visit my family in Taiwan, and then soldiering onward to eat our weight in ramen in Japan **fist pump**. I’m so excited to unplug for a bit, but things won’t get TOO quiet around here, as I have some awesome guest bloggers filling in for me while I’m away :-) They’ve put together some great content, so be sure to stop by and say hi!

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awesome travel iphone apps

I’m excitedly counting down to our trip to Asia, which means I’ve been going a little overboard loading up my iPhone with some extra apps to help make our trip go as smoothly as possible. Here are a few I’m finding particularly useful as we make our final travel preparations:

1. Wunderlist is to-do list app that I’ve been using to keep tabs on all the things I want to do, see, and eat – not just for vacation, but at home here in NYC as well! You can also share your lists with traveling companions, so they can contribute and collaborate at will – much easier than emailing back and forth a zillion times!

2. I’m anticipating a lot of “Ok so now where do we go—OH NO, NO INTERNET” type of moments, so CityMaps2Go will surely be a life saver. It makes detailed maps of various cities available offline, so they’re accessible without a data connection!

3. If you ever find yourself in a last minute “I should probably know some crucial words while visiting a foreign country” panic, then Learn Japanese (which is available in a lot of other languages) is for you! It provides audio snippets of simple phrases and words that one would legitimately use in a real life scenario, so you can memorize them without having to learn the language in its entirety. And in a worst case scenario, you could just play the clips to someone in a desperate attempt to ask “Where is the bathroom?”, although I really hope it doesn’t come down to that!

4. Word Lens is an incredible app that translates words in REAL TIME as you scan them with your phone. I screamed “What is this sorcery!!” the first time I tried it. The translations are definitely not always accurate, and it works far better for large standalone text than for a paragraph in a book, but the technology behind it is pretty darn impressive. In the screenshot above, it translated the title page of my copy of “Le Petit Prince” to “The Small Prince”. Close enough!

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patina cabana challenge

Earlier this summer, I partnered up with my friend Jess from Coco and Mingo for a fun styling competition hosted by Patina Rentals right here in Brooklyn! We had 1 hour to run around Patina’s studio and choose pieces to decorate our big empty cabana with, which wasn’t an easy task due to all the amazing stuff they have to choose from. Rich velour couches, rustic trunks, ornate bar carts, colorful Moroccan rugs – all at our disposal! I think we spent the first 5 minutes in an overwhelmed daze, walking around gawking at everything like kids in a candy store.

We didn’t have a clear look planned out for our cabana when we started, but luckily Jess and I had some mental telepathy going on and drifted towards several of the same big ticket items almost immediately. From there, it was smooth sailing! The staff at Patina even commented on how well we worked together, and they were totally shocked to find out that it was our first time hanging out :-) Isn’t it awesome when blog friends turn into real life friends? And I may be biased, but I just love the final look of our cabana – it’s such an elegant yet comfy space to hang out and sip on some fancy schmancy cocktails with your girlfriends. I wish I could have hauled those gold bookshelves home with me! Check out more photos and a cool time elapse video of our cabana in the making here. High five, Jess!

The voting period ends this Friday, August 29th, at 12PM EST, so there’s no time to waste! Visit Patina on Instagram and cast your vote by ‘liking’ your favorite cabana – no follow necessary! The photo with the most likes will be declared the winner, so we would be SO grateful if you would go and vote for us. Thanks all!

The photographer on set was David Toquica, and the beautiful flowers were provided by Darlington.

little white whale and coco & mingo patina cabana challenge

little white whale and coco & mingo patina cabana challenge

little white whale and coco & mingo patina cabana challenge

little white whale and coco & mingo patina cabana challenge

little white whale and coco & mingo patina cabana challenge

little white whale and coco & mingo patina cabana challenge

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fun kitchen products round up

1. Fox Patterned Embossed Rolling Pin from Valek Rolling Pins | 2. Bottle Grinder Spice Mill Set from LEIF | 3. Glass Pot from MoMA Store| 4. Bunny Chopping Board from Let It Reign | 5. Kujira Humpback Whale Knife from Hand-Eye Supply | 6. Take Out Serve Bowl from CB2 | 7. Ravioli Spoon Rest from Monkey Business

I’m generally in charge of dinner at our house, which is awesome 99% of the time! I love trying new recipes and putzing around the kitchen, plus I REALLY love going to the grocery store (please tell me I’m not the only one). But there are days when the thought of whipping up some food feels “meh”, and en extra boost of fun is required…like say, with the help of a bunny cutting board?? Here are a few whimsical kitchen products that will help make work in the kitchen feel like play!

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My favorite pie-makin’ lady, Laicie, is off on a European adventure, so I’m over at A Thousand Threads today to share some cute printable pie treat boxes! They’re the perfect size to fill with little treats and trinkets, and ANY reason to stock up on candy is a plus in my book :-)

Head on over to find out how you can print your own boxes – no oven needed!

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egg brunch recipes

Eggs in Chili Clouds from Kitchen Tested | Eggs With Spinach and Salmon from Rosanna's Kitchen | Avocado Toast with Bacon and Eggs from What's Gaby Cooking | Ham and Egg Crepe Squares from Design Crush

Happy Friday! Weekend breakfasts at our house are usually quick bites we munch on while reading or watching random TED talks, and they almost always revolve around eggs. Scrambled, fried, sunny side up, or smooshed onto a bagel oozing with cheese – just gimme dem eggs! But there are those days when you inevitably wake up with the urge to whip up some real brunch worthy fare, so I rounded up a few eggscellent recipes I’m promptly adding to my “to cook” list. My belly is very intrigued by “eggs in a cloud” – have you ever made them?

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