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Happy Friday! We’ll be trekking out to Long Island with some friends this weekend for our annual fall festival outing – can’t wait to stuff our faces with roasted corn and meander through a haunted maze! Hopefully we’ll bring home a few good victims, err I mean pumpkins, too. This week I’m loving…

  • This gorgeous Good Things Take Time print from 2142 Stuart – a nice little reminder when you’re caught in a hair pulling moment.
  • This awesome spooky halloween terrarium from The Paper Mama that’s crafted out of a foam pumpkin – genius!
  • The hilarious “I’ve just made a huge mistake” expression on this poor cat via Pinterest. TGIF, kitty!
  • Donuts! Especially when there are two of them and they’re smiling and I can drink coffee out of them, as is the case with these Mr. Wonderful donut mugs from Minimall & Co
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Modcloth fall layers

1. Give It a Tripod Top from ModCloth | 2. Static Felicity Tunic from ModCloth | 3. Simply Snuggly Cardigan from ModCloth | 4. Kelly & Katie Dandy Leopard Flat from DSW | 5. 'Luv' Tortoiseshell Heart Sunglasses from Nordstrom | 6. Vegan Leather Jegging from American Eagle | 7. French Connection Sportivo Crystal Clear Clutch from Zappos | 8. Serefina Cat Stud Earrings from Max & Chloe

ModCloth recently asked me to share my rendition of the perfect outfit for autumn, AKA The Best Season of the Year, so of course I jumped at the chance to do a little virtual shopping! Remember that Friends episode where Joey wore everything in Chandler’s closet all at the same time? I often felt like that while trying to recreate cool outfits I spotted on Pinterest/magazines, but with a bit of trial and error, I think I’ve finally gotten a handle on staying comfortable without looking frumpy :-) Here are my ModCloth building blocks for a polished layered look:

1) This basic black top is the perfect base layer for a fall outfit. You won’t have any added bulk from sleeves, and the faux leather collar gives it a little extra oomph.

2) Next up, this unfussy soft gray tunic – its swingy shape won’t make you feel like a stuffed sausage, always a plus in my book!

3) Top both of these pieces off with a big comfy cardigan like this one in a classic checkered pattern that immediately makes me think of fireplaces and romping through piles of leaves. An open sweater is much more accommodating when you’ve got a few layers on, plus it’s the only socially acceptable way to feel like you’re walking around wrapped in a cozy blanket all day.

There you have it! I hope you liked the outfit I put together, and be sure to check out the great selection of tops and cardigans over at ModCloth!

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free flat halloween icons

Black Widow Spider | Candy | Witch's Cauldron | Moon and Stars | Tombstone | Eyeball | Ghost | Jack o' Lantern | Vampire Bat | Bloody Knife | Evil Clown | Skull

Working on some spooky posts as we count down to Halloween? Feel free to use some of these icons for any personal projects that need an extra bit of ghoulish horror!

Download the free icon set (PSD) here!

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via Wired

If this whimsical photo series by husband-and-wife duo Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida doesn’t put a big ol’ smile on your face this Monday morning, then you should consider just heading back to bed! MINIMIAM reimagines everyday foods as surreal landscapes for teeny tiny figurines to explore and frolick within – golfers tee off with colorful sprinkles, and mountain climbers carefully navigate through the treacherous snowy peaks of merengues. Every shot is so cleverly composed, and a few have made me laugh out loud! Isn’t it amazing how a slightly different viewpoint can turn the mundane into something magical? Click here to check out some more photos from this delectable series!

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fall fashion wishlist

1. Star Print Crew Sweatshirt from American Eagle | 2. Golden Fantail Necklace from Naomi Murrell | 3. Toothy Structured Tote from Need Supply Co. | 4. Birdseye Knit Headband from LEIF | 5. Reagan Tonal Stud Boot from Nasty Gal | 6. Rio Wave Metro Watch from Kate Spade | 7. Brass Leaf Barrettes from Dreams by the Sea

Just a few things that have caught my shopaholic eye lately – sweatshirts and rain boots and tote bags, oh my!

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creepy spider cupcakes

I always shriek with delight when my channel surfing this time of year brings me to one of my favorite Halloweeny movies, “Arachnophobia”! It’s simultaneously funny and gross and terrifying (I’m STILL severely traumatized by the jumping spider in the shower scene) and a true childhood classic for me. And is there a better way to celebrate this campy 90’s horror movie than with a batch of creepy spider cupcakes?? I think not! Read on to learn how to transform innocent cupcakes into an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare!

creepy spider cupcakes

What you’ll need:

  • a box of chocolate cake mix
  • 1 can each of vanilla (I found a seasonal version that was tinted orange) and chocolate frosting
  • a piping bag with a narrow tip
  • small malted milk balls like Whoppers
  • Lindt Lindor truffles or any other large round milk chocolate candy
  • orange sprinkles and red confetti sprinkles (optional)

creepy spider cupcakes

  1. Bake the cupcakes according to the directions on the box, and let them cool
  2. Frost those babies with vanilla frosting! I went the extra mile and piped it on using a zig zag pattern so the spider would have a flat surface to sit on, but it’s certainly not necessary
  3. Place a Whopper and a truffle in the center of a cupcake to create the spider body
  4. Load up a clean piping bag with a few large spoonfuls of chocolate frosting, and use a narrow tip to add a dab of frosting between the candy to “glue” them together. Then pipe on some long spooky spider legs
  5. Place two orange sprinkles in front of the head for eyes/fangs
  6. The truffles I used featured a little indentation mark, so I added a dab of frosting and covered it up with a red confetti sprinkle for a black widow look
  7. Serve up your platter of spider cupcakes and wait for your guests to scream in terror – muhahaha!

creepy spider cupcakes

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