Toby the French bulldog tantrum

Behold, Toby’s new trick of the summer! He calls it the “I kindly disagree with the direction we’re going in”, alternatively known as “I wish to sniff this rock for an extra 30 minutes. Please go on without me”. It is simultaneously hilarious and frustrating, as passersby scoot around us and giggle at the scenario – me desperately trying to get his butt off the ground, and Toby pretending he has no bones in his entire body. We’re a regular Laurel & Hardy act! Luckily he’s turning 3 next month, so hopefully these Terrible Two tantrums will soon be ancient history…fingers crossed. Otherwise we may have to invest in a little red wagon to pull him home in :-) Happy Friday!

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these are a few of my favorite things

Peonies | French bulldogs | Sweatpants | Grilled cheese sandwiches | Notebooks I Iced coffee | Traveling | Lightning bugs | Roasted marshmallows

I’m always intrigued by the cool icons my husband creates for the UI design work he does, so I decided to take a stab at making some myself! Mine are just a wee bit less technical, but I had fun honing my Illustrator skills nonetheless :-) So if you’ve ever wished there was an icon for, you know, sweatpants or a jar of lightning bugs, your prayers have been answered!

Download the free icon set (PSD) here!

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whimsical gifts under $45

1. Vintage Caravan Necklace from Fine Format | 2. IMM Living Snail Container via Amazon | 3. Ferris Wheel Lamp from Dormify | 4. Matt & Molly Tea Towels with Mini Pompoms from Nicole Porter Design | 5. Lighthouse Carafe and Shooter Set from UncommonGoods | 6. Fred and Friends Taco Truck Taco Holder via Amazon | 7. Falconwright Cactus Leather Card Holder from Urban Outfitters | 8. Skinnydip London Soundbuds from Nasty Gal

Here are a few playful gift ideas for the happy-go-lucky people in your life! Hopefully they love tacos too, because that taco truck is freaking genius.

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colorful stairs, cat vase, moon notepad, fruit pattern

Happy Friday! Can you believe it’s August already?! It makes me want to curl up on the floor and cry a little bit. It’s time to start doubling down on summer fun :-) This week I’m loving…

  • The coolest stairway in existence from the Opening Ceremony store in Tokyo
  • These kitty planters from RecyclArt that are ingeniously made out of old plastic bottles. “Reduce reuse recycle” has never been so cute!
  • Full moon sticky notes from MochiThings to liven up your desk
  • All the food collages from Julie’s Kitchen that are not only incredibly beautiful, but educational as well, as I couldn’t resist Googling unfamiliar components like “tongue of fire shelling bean”. Spoiler: they’re pretty!
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UNELEFANTE chocolate bars

What happens when a designer develops a sweet tooth? Awesome Jackson Pollock-inspired chocolate bars I either want to gobble up or frame and hang up on the wall…haven’t quite decided yet. Check them out at UNELEFANTE!

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red raven studio

Helloooo gorgeous! These beautiful porcelain pieces were all handcrafted by Amy and Ryan, the married duo behind Redraven studios, and it’s safe to say after a look around their store that the two make quite the team. I just love the hints of color and gold against all that dreamy white porcelain. Those crystal necklaces are calling my name! And even better? Every item they create has sentimental significance behind it – a true labor of love!

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