1. Honey Bee Necklace from Tatty Devine | 2. Pineapple Cropped T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle | 3. Townsend Sandals from Moorea Seal | 4. Cactus Carry-All Bag from Amelie Mancini | 5. Taki Lowry Watch from Switch Modern | 6. Polka Dot Cuff Socks from J.Crew Factory | 7. Sweet Pretzel Stud Earrings from Nordstrom

I love the yearly ritual of swapping out sweaters for bright maxi dresses and tees in the spring. Throwing open my closet doors each morning to see all those pops of color is always such an uplifting sight! Here are a few lovelies I’m itching to add to my warm weather shopping list – helloooo pineapples!

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1. Give It a Tripod Top from ModCloth | 2. Static Felicity Tunic from ModCloth | 3. Simply Snuggly Cardigan from ModCloth | 4. Kelly & Katie Dandy Leopard Flat from DSW | 5. 'Luv' Tortoiseshell Heart Sunglasses from Nordstrom | 6. Vegan Leather Jegging from American Eagle | 7. French Connection Sportivo Crystal Clear Clutch from Zappos | 8. Serefina Cat Stud Earrings from Max & Chloe

ModCloth recently asked me to share my rendition of the perfect outfit for autumn, AKA The Best Season of the Year, so of course I jumped at the chance to do a little virtual shopping! Remember that Friends episode where Joey wore everything in Chandler’s closet all at the same time? I often felt like that while trying to recreate cool outfits I spotted on Pinterest/magazines, but with a bit of trial and error, I think I’ve finally gotten a handle on staying comfortable without looking frumpy :-) Here are my ModCloth building blocks for a polished layered look:

1) This basic black top is the perfect base layer for a fall outfit. You won’t have any added bulk from sleeves, and the faux leather collar gives it a little extra oomph.

2) Next up, this unfussy soft gray tunic – its swingy shape won’t make you feel like a stuffed sausage, always a plus in my book!

3) Top both of these pieces off with a big comfy cardigan like this one in a classic checkered pattern that immediately makes me think of fireplaces and romping through piles of leaves. An open sweater is much more accommodating when you’ve got a few layers on, plus it’s the only socially acceptable way to feel like you’re walking around wrapped in a cozy blanket all day.

There you have it! I hope you liked the outfit I put together, and be sure to check out the great selection of tops and cardigans over at ModCloth!

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1. Star Print Crew Sweatshirt from American Eagle | 2. Golden Fantail Necklace from Naomi Murrell | 3. Toothy Structured Tote from Need Supply Co. | 4. Birdseye Knit Headband from LEIF | 5. Reagan Tonal Stud Boot from Nasty Gal | 6. Rio Wave Metro Watch from Kate Spade | 7. Brass Leaf Barrettes from Dreams by the Sea

Just a few things that have caught my shopaholic eye lately – sweatshirts and rain boots and tote bags, oh my!

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It’s hard to choose what I love more about The Heiress Atelier – their beautiful rings or the clever way they show off said beautiful rings. Wingardium Leviosa! #harrypotternerd

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Isn’t this such a pretty color palette? Love the nautical feel of these dainty baubles from Porcelain and Stone, which are all handmade in Somerville, MA – my old college town!

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Hello Floral T-Shirt from Hello Merch | Linen Embroidered Bird Tee from J.Crew | Donuts Tee from Beloved | Como Estas Tee from Buy Me Brunch

We’ve finally made it to Friday, people. It’s time to pull on a super comfy tee and celebrate! I went ahead and picked out a few for you so you could get a headstart on all your weekend fun – have a good one!

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