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rgb wall art murals

Why settle on just one mural when you could have 3 in 1 instead? A Milan based artistic duo known as Carnovsky was clever enough to ask themselves this question, and the result is nothing short of incredible. At first glance, it’s a psychedelic mish mash of animals layered on top of each other in an incomprehensible jumble, but a flick of a switch brings instant clarity! Because each layer of creatures is created in a different primary color, they’re revealed like magic when the color of the room’s light changes. As Jesse Pinkman would say, “Yeeeah science!”

Check out more of their super cool RBG shift works here.

RGB color shift wall mural

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Jee Young Lee dream rooms

Treasure Hunt | Black Birds | Resurrection

Dreams DO come true, especially if you’re JeeYoung Lee! This incredible South Korean artist spends several weeks (and even months) transforming her tiny 3x6m studio into unbelievably elaborate worlds inspired by her personal life and traditional Korean fables. In fact, her attention to detail is so sharp that none of these photographs are manipulated by Photoshop! My favorite scene is “Treasure Hunt”, which perfectly captures the joy and wonder of childhood…minus giant grasshoppers, of course. Check out the rest of JeeYoung’s surreal sets here!

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melting disco balls art installation

Happy happy happy 2014! I hope you’re all rested up and ready to take the world by storm! The start of a new year is always a little bittersweet for me. Flipping through the pages of a unmarked calendar fills me with excitement for what the future brings, and yet there’s a bit of sadness that all the holiday fun is over. I think this awesome melting disco ball art installation by Rotganzen, a Netherlands-based artist collective, perfectly depicts my feelings of holiday withdrawal :-) I’ll reluctantly take down the Christmas tree, but don’t you dare try to make me give up my Santa socks just yet!

PS. I just couldn’t resist celebrating a fresh start with a fresh new blog design,so I hope you like the new look around here!

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Tyra von Zweigbergk window display

This quirky window display by Swedish designer Tyra von Zweigbergk made me smile, and it was created by sticking bits of tape directly on the glass! This would be a really fun idea for dressing up our windows with Halloweeny faces using glow in the dark tape, but of course there’s a street light right in front of our apartment. Foiled!

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John Breed rainbow legs

via Colossal

Aaand we’re back! Thank you all so much for the sweet birthday wishes. I’m still shaking sandy daydreams out of my brain and getting photos in order, so please enjoy this incredible art installation by John Breed in the meantime. Aren’t the colors just phenomenal? It was created for a German shoe store, Breuninger, and each of the 145 legs in this heavenly rainbow is wearing a unique shoe. He describes it as an homage to the “madness of women about buying shoes” – ha!

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