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frostbeard studio

Have you ever stopped and thought about what Dumbledore’s office might smell like, while delving into the adventures of Harry Potter and his wizarding friends? Or pushed aside the bloody dramas of Game of Thrones for a few seconds to wonder what it would be like to close your eyes and step inside Winterfell? Well thankfully Frostbeard Studio has answered all these pressing questions with their awesome line of book inspired candles! My inner bookworm is crying tears of joy.

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Songbird wooden mobile | Cuplight candle holder | Cloud bread board | Blossom lemon wooden necklace

Keep it sweet and simple. Snug Studio seems to have kept this motto in mind when they created all of the charming pieces in their store. Every item embraces clean, minimalist design, and you know I can’t resist anything with a playful twist! I never knew I needed a puffy cloud-shaped cutting board or funny teacup candle holders, but it turns out that I do. I really really do.

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