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Wait a second, what’s that smell?

Toby the Christmas cookie thief


Santa’s sleigh is on his way, so I’ll be signing off to spend time with this little cookie monster and the rest of our family :-) Hope you all have a wonderful holiday break filled with joy and laughter (and snow, if you’re lucky!) Thank you SO much for another great year here at Little White Whale – virtual high fives all around! I’ll see you back here in the new year, friends!

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free flat Christmas icons

Ornament | Reindeer | Snow Globe | Christmas Lights | Wreath | Hot Tea | Snowflake Mittens | Gingerbread Man | Present

I’m spreading some Christmas cheer today with this free icon set of some holiday favorites that give me the warm fuzzies inside :-) Download away and use them in your personal projects! Did you see how Happy Looks Good On You used the Halloween icon set I created back in October? So cool!

Download the free icon set (PSD) here!


All Things Thrifty is giving away $300 worth of art!
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cute Christmas cookies

White Reindeer Gingerbread Cupcakes from Kwestia Smaku | Chocolaty Melting Snowmen from BHG | Gingerbread Christmas Tree Cookies from Skinnytaste | Coal Rice Krispy Treats from Mallow & Co

Tis the season for eating your weight in cakes and cookies and pies! If you’re going to indulge (just a wee bit, of course) this month, you might as well spend those calories on some cute and tasty treats like these. Aren’t those reindeer cupcakes a riot??



DAY 10: Studio DIY is giving away a Madsen Cycles bike!

DAY 9: Making It Lovely is giving away 2 beautiful Ellington purses!

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Toby the Christmas Grinch

Our resident Grinch would like to wish you a wonderful holiday break filled with love, happiness, and lots and lots of scrumptious cookies :-) Thank you all so very much for another great year here at Little White Whale, and I’ll see you back here in the new year – cheers!

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DIY gold star gift wrap

I know some people absolutely loathe this task, but one of the highlights of Christmas for me is all the gift wrapping I get to do!! While I drool over all the beautifully printed gift wrap out there, it pains me to know that all that pricy paper will just get shredded and tossed into the garbage at the end of the day. As a result, I almost always go with plain brown kraft paper – it’s super cheap, and you can have a lot of fun thinking of ways to glam them up for your friends and family! Here’s a sneak peek at what’s under our tree this year…

DIY star gift wrap

I made my own shiny gold star stickers (wish I had known this little trick in elementary school, haha) by cutting up this metallic contact paper, which is one of new favorite crafting supplies – it’s amazing! I like the look of organic, imperfect stars, so I just freehanded them in varying sizes on the back of the contact paper and cut them out without fussing over it too much. After applying the starry stickers in a random fashion, I then wrapped the presents with some bakers twine and topped them off with some jingly bells and sprigs of our Christmas tree :-) So easy, and the spray of gold stars really elevates the ol’ humble kraft paper in a very pretty way! .

DIY star gift wrap

PS. 24 Merry Days may be half over, but there are still LOTS of incredible prizes ahead!!

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DIY pasta bow wreath

We finally got around to decorating our house for the holidays this weekend – hooray! Is there anything more fun than hauling out ornaments, garlands, and endless strings of lights until it looks like Christmas exploded all over your living room? Love it. The one thing I didn’t love was this old wreath that I made 3 years ago. It was giving me a serious case of the blahs, so I decided to treat our door to a new wreath this year using tinsel and a bit of…pasta?!

DIY pasta bow wreath

  1. Start with a flat wooden wreath form, like this one
  2. Wrap tinsel around the entire circumference of the form, making sure there are no gaps, and trim if necessary. Tuck the ends in to secure – no glue needed!
  3. Make some cute mini bows by painting farfalle pasta! I didn’t have spray paint in the colors I wanted to use, so I broke out some red and mint green nail polish to get the job done and it worked out wonderfully.
  4. When the bows are dry, attach them to the wreath with a bit of hot glue. Or if you’d like to be able to deconstruct the whole shebang when you grow tired of it, thread a snippet of fishing wire through the “pinched” side of the bow to tie each bow on like I did.
  5. Hang the wreath up on your door, and go pour yourself some egg nog!
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