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cinco de mayo party ideas

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, so dust off your sombrero because it’s time to throw a fiesta! Some party essentials?

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Mexcellent t-shirt from I Sell T-Shirts | I Love Taco magnet from Zazzle | Taco Yummy Pocket from Neato Shop

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Especially to my dear friend Jill, for whom this day is pretty much like Christmas, 4th of July, and New Years all rolled into one. She bought this hilarious taco suit for Halloween (her love for Mexican food is unparalleled), and has managed to find no less than 10 other occasions to wear it. It’s always a hit wherever we go, and I’m forever amazed at the number of jaded New Yorkers completely unfazed by a giant walking taco – gotta love this city.

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