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fun with colors

As a designer, I often find myself drawn to the same colors over and over again – shades of blue and gray are my happy place! Unfortunately there’s nothing more annoying than finding the perfect palette for a particular project before realizing you’ve already used it in 5 other things. Sigh. New color inspiration to the rescue! After spending some quality time with Photoshop, here are a few fun pairings I’ve come up with on the road to color exploration!

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Geometrical Illusion Leather Suede Envelope Bag from CORIUMI | Autumn Necklace from Nea

A shot of hot pink certainly goes down smoothly with a dusty blue/gray. It’s such pretty combo!

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Color blocked outfit via Pretty Shiny Sparkly | Two toned lipstick via Keiko Lynn

I adore the idea of pairing together bold hues of red and pink for an eye popping look, and these lovely ladies have got it down pat. The two toned lipstick is an especially dramatic twist – I wonder if it would be as easy to pull off as she makes it look!

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