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jane denton textile art

Vibrant colors + modern geometric designs = Monday morning swoonfest! New Zealand artist Jane Denton’s wool embroidery artworks are like framed slices of happiness. Check out her store here!



DAY 8: Design Crush is giving away a $300 gift card to Anthropologie!

DAY 7: At Home In Love is giving away a $150 gift card to Artsy Modern!

DAY 6: Oh the Lovely Things is giving away a $150 gift card to Baba Souk!

DAY 5: Apartment 34 is giving away TWO Loeffler Randall bags!

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John Breed rainbow legs

via Colossal

Aaand we’re back! Thank you all so much for the sweet birthday wishes. I’m still shaking sandy daydreams out of my brain and getting photos in order, so please enjoy this incredible art installation by John Breed in the meantime. Aren’t the colors just phenomenal? It was created for a German shoe store, Breuninger, and each of the 145 legs in this heavenly rainbow is wearing a unique shoe. He describes it as an homage to the “madness of women about buying shoes” – ha!

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