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whimsical art prints

One Scoop or Two print by Emily Rickard | The World Is Your Oyster print by Rifle Paper Co. | Sailor print by Depeapa | Be Nice To Yourself print by Laura George | Stop & Smell the Peonies print by SS Print Shop | Burger and Fries print by Benjamin Flouw

I’m such a sucker for a fun (and pretty and whimsical and inspirational and just plain goofy) art print that I’m a little afraid of the day we inevitably move out into an actual house with so many bare walls to spruce up – I wouldn’t be able to resist putting a gallery wall in every single room! Totally normal decor decision.

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glow in the dark constellation chart by Scott Benson

Did you used to have glow in the dark star stickers pasted all over your ceiling when you were a kid like I did? Do you wish it was socially acceptable to do this now as an adult like I do? Well good news! This incredible constellation chart by Scott Benson is not only beautifully illustrated (seriously LOVE his style), but the constellations will shine all night long when you hit the lights. Space junkies rejoice!

PS. Have you entered the fab BHLDN giveaway going on right now?

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caravan world map

"Fortune favors the brave" world map | Ode to EE Cummings | My one true love

I happen to like gigantic art AND miniscule prices, so I’m super excited to discover Caravan, which is stocked with a lots of printable goodies. The PDF files for these insanely gorgeous chalkboard prints are just $5 a piece, and according to the website, you can print them out at Staples for just a few bucks more. And then BAM! Your walls have been upgraded to level awesome. The second best part of all this is that you’re free to make as many copies as you like (for personal use, of course) so say goodbye to frantic last-minute gift shopping!

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Always Be Different Coco Chanel Quote Print from Sacred & Profane | Think Graphic Poster from Neue Graphic | Take Every Chance Art Print from Wicked Paper Co. | Beautiful from Therese Sennerholt Design

I don’t know about you, but I usually require a little extra kick in the butt to get moving on Mondays. Here are some inspirational prints to help you get your rear in gear!

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Dream closet illustrations by Emma Kisstina

It’s back to reality after our brief, but fun trip out to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut! Hubs had looked into little B&B inns, but decided on the casino due to the crazy weather we’ve been getting. And he was RIGHT – just walking across the parking garage was brutally cold!

We shopped at little boutiques and drank margaritas at the cheesy Margaritaville. We tried our luck at the slot machines. We went wild in the kiddie arcade. We blew off fancy dinner reservations to eat burgers, fries, and kaluha-spiked milkshakes. We lounged around on our luxurious king-sized bed and watched the Westminster dog show on TV. We ordered room service for breakfast and even stopped at the outlets on the way home – a bonus!

All in all, it was such a mellow, relaxing outing for us. It’s times like this that I’m so happy we don’t make a habit out of buying each other big, expensive material gifts. I’ll take playing a hysterical game of skee-ball with my funny and thoughtful husband over getting a new designer purse, always.

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Totally loving these illustrated prints – they have such a fun, punchy quality to them! I only wish I had enough wall space in my kitchen to hang all of them up in a neat little row. If the way to my heart is through food and art (which it most certainly is), Claudia Pearson and I are pretty much going steady at this point.

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