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floating recipes by pavel becker

I imagine cooking a gourmet meal in outer space would look a little something like this incredible photo series by photographer Pavel Becker and art director Nora Luther – fresh ingredients suspended in a stunning mid-air ballet, stubbornly refusing to land in that pot! “Recipe Photography Concept” puts a twist on traditional cookbook photography by focusing on the individual elements and the delicious anticipation of cooking a meal, rather than the picture perfect end result…which works for me because my cooking rarely comes out à la a Stepford wife :-) Unfortunately there’s no real cookbook out, but you can check out more photos from this tasty series here!

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a to zoe food typography by tommy perez

via Fast Company

Parents are usually advised to leave the office behind when they come home to their family, but sometimes the two worlds can overlap for some seriously incredible results! Artist Tommy Perez started the “A to Zoë” project to share his love of design with his adorable 2 year old daughter and help her get a head start on learning the alphabet – what a lucky kid! Using mostly Zoë’s favorite foods, he artfully arranges them into their corresponding first letter for a delicious lesson any toddler would enjoy. Check out the in-progress project, along with a whole lot of other eye candy, on Perez’s Flickr stream!

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Target Food for Thought

I’m seriously loving this clever collaboration between Midwestern illustrator Danielle Evans and everyone’s favorite big box store, Target! This “Food for Thought” campaign was created to celebrate the opening of their Canadian stores and features products from the in-house Archer Farms line in a beautiful, eye catching manner. Check out this video to hear Danielle talk about her love for the imperfect art of food typography and to take a behind-the-scenes peek at this tasty project!

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Why in the world have I been making mashed potatoes all these years when I could’ve made this! Baby turtle potatoes! Not only is this too adorable for words, but there’s even a sweet story to go along with the photos at VegSpinz (found via TheKitchn). Love to see this kind of creativity in the kitchen!

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