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I happen to adore dresses with fun cut outs in the back, so you can imagine how loudly I shrieked when I saw this seafoam number – totally demure in front, and then SURPRISE! Adorable heart in your face! Check out Alexandra Grecco for more sulty, romantic pieces – this is one lady who knows the meaning of “feminine wiles”.

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There’s something so entrancing about these ethereal wisps of smoke – I feel like I could sit here and stare at these beautiful photos for hours. Check out how photographer Graham Jeffery used incense sticks and Photoshop to create these stunning images on on his photoblog Sensitive Light!

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During a stressful day at work yesterday, I glanced out the window overlooking the gray and gloomy Manhattan skyline. At that moment, a bunch of colorful balloons floated up past our floor and up into the sky – seemingly out of nowhere. It put a little pep in my step for the remainder of the day.

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