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food inspired gifts

1. Plum & Bow Blackberry Planter from Urban Outfitters | 2. Goldie Rox Burger Locket Necklace from Wolf & Badger | 3. Egg Rug from UncommonGoods | 4. Toast It Coasters from MoMA Store | 5. Golden Corn Salt & Pepper Shakers from Michael Aram | 6. Macaron Coin Purse via Amazon | 7. Farfalloni Pot Grips from Not On The High Street

We spend so much time eating, cooking, and snapping blurry Instagrams of our meals that it’s no surprise our love of good food would carry over into our home decor and even our closets! You may not be able to actually munch on any of these quirky calorie-free treats, but I wouldn’t fault you for trying as they certainly look good enough to eat. Is it wrong that I want to fill that gilded burger locket with a dab of ketchup? Ha!

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quirky sushi goods

Maki Lapel Pin from Crywolf Clothing | Nico Sushi Memo Blocks from White Rabbit Japan

I just realized the other day that I haven’t had sushi since November, which is pure craziness! I think I need this adorable sushi pin to remind me to never let this travesty happen again. If you ever find yourself in Park Slope with a craving for Volcano rolls (mmm), make a beeline to my favorite spot, Nana!

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Golden Saltine Necklace from Emily Elizabeth Jewelry | Oreo cookie mirror from Bird on the Wire | Cupcake Money Bank from Kaleidoscope | Pretzel Breakfast Brooch from Made By White

Looking for a snack? I’m more than happy to share some of mine!

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Tomato Poster from Claudia Pearson Illustration | Fines herbes bilingual print from Evajuliet | BKLYN Larder Sandwiches Poster from BKLYN Larder | Prosciutto e Melone from anek

Does it get any better when food and art come together? I’d bring all these scrumptious looking prints home with me if wall space existed in my kitchen.

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iStuck stand from I'm With Cupcake | Dylan's Candy Bar Dessert Plates from Lifeguard Press | Yummy Pockets chocolate bar pocket purse from neatoshop | 2FT Plush Peeps chick from Peeps & Company

I was recently at a store that had a bowl of candy out at the register (well don’t mind if I do!), and I was beyond elated when I plucked out an old school Atomic Fireball. I haven’t had one since circa 6th grade, and the funny thing was I STILL had to rinse it off with water first because it was too fiery for my tastebuds. Now I’m totally nostalgic for all the Warheads, Now and Laters, Bubble Tape, gobstoppers, and jaw breakers of my youth that we traded at recess and snuck into class despite threats of detention.

My sweet tooth luckily doesn’t flare up too often these days, and when it does, my favorite indulgence is sea salt dark chocolate, but I think a Push Pop now and then is in order!

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Martha Stewart Collection sandwich cookie cake pan from Macy's | Cakewich sandwich cake mold from Think Geek | Giant cupcake silicone baking pan from Amazon | Giant donut cake pan set from Williams-Sonoma

What’s better than cake, you ask? Why, cake that’s in the shape of supersized culinary delights, of course! If I had one iota of extra space in my kitchen, I would snatch up that awesome sandwich pan in an instant…or maybe the donut one…or maybe I’ll just take all of them because you never really know when you’ll desperately need a gigantic cupcake, do you? Better to be prepared.

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