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free dingbat fonts round up

Bergamot Ornaments | Eveleth Shapes | Kalocsai Flowers | Efon | Peoni Patterns | The Kids | KG Flavor and Frames Six | Efoodde | Veneer Extras | Nymphette

Dingbats are kind of the scourge of the fonts world, which is unsurprising since the majority of them are downright terrible…unless you’re into poorly drawn cartoon or stripper themed sets? And yet the good ones can actually be quite useful for mockups or for enhancing design projects in a quick and painless way. Here are a few great dingbat fonts that fit the bill in my book – hope you find them useful as well!

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California vector icons

Fish | Wine Glass | Ferris Wheel | Sun | Palm Tree | Sunglasses | Sea Lion | Director's Chair | Ice Cream | Mountains | Avocado | Purse

That’s the last straw, snow! I’m ditching my puffy coat and heading out to California for a few days to soak up some much needed sunshine :-) Follow along on all the fun (and the mountain of In-N-Out burgers I’ll be consuming) on Instagram. See you guys back here soon!

Download the free icon set (PSD) here!

PS. There are just a couple more days left to win $500 worth of Dot & Bo swag, so get those entries in!

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free fonts collection #8

Snowballs in Angelface | TV Marathon in Besom | New Calendar in Milano | Flurries in Pirou | Hot Toddy in Llama Mad | Cable Knit in Armonioso | Soup in Villa Didot | Winter Whites in Frente H1 | Faux Fur in Mix Titanica | Candles in KG All Things New

Thank you all so much for the sweet comments on my previous post!! Hopefully your encouraging words will help me dig down deep and kick some butt this year :-)

I usually despise the winter season – walking around with frozen fingers and toes isn’t much of a party – but for some reason I’m kind of digging the peaceful coziness of our home this year. Laying out on the beach is fab, but so is being wrapped up in a giant blanket on the couch with a pot of homemade soup bubbling away on the stove, amirite? Here are a few of my favorite winter highlights, along with some awesome free fonts to download – enjoy!

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free flat Christmas icons

Ornament | Reindeer | Snow Globe | Christmas Lights | Wreath | Hot Tea | Snowflake Mittens | Gingerbread Man | Present

I’m spreading some Christmas cheer today with this free icon set of some holiday favorites that give me the warm fuzzies inside :-) Download away and use them in your personal projects! Did you see how Happy Looks Good On You used the Halloween icon set I created back in October? So cool!

Download the free icon set (PSD) here!


All Things Thrifty is giving away $300 worth of art!
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free flat halloween icons

Black Widow Spider | Candy | Witch's Cauldron | Moon and Stars | Tombstone | Eyeball | Ghost | Jack o' Lantern | Vampire Bat | Bloody Knife | Evil Clown | Skull

Working on some spooky posts as we count down to Halloween? Feel free to use some of these icons for any personal projects that need an extra bit of ghoulish horror!

Download the free icon set (PSD) here!

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free fonts round up

Jack O' Lanterns in Yaquote Script | Ankle Boots in Chelsea | Acorns in Anders | Blankets in Merry Scriptmas | Tea in Raw | Witches in Les Sorcières de la Lune noire | Flannel in Nautilus Pompilius | Haunted House in Asfalto| Caramel Apples in Happy Fox | Leaf Piles in Voga

Hey strangers! As you might have already guessed, we had SO much fun on our trip to Taiwan and Japan! We hiked through the breathtaking misty mountains in Taipei, shopped til we dropped in Tokyo, ate takoyaki all over Osaka, and visited beautiful shrines and temples in Kyoto…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! I’m still sifting through our photos (with a bad case of jet lag to boot), but I’ll be sharing all of our adventures very soon :-)

In the meantime, it’s so nice to come back home to autumn, my favorite season of the year! I really need to start brainstorming for Toby’s costume ASAP. On a side note: I had no idea Halloween was celebrated in Japan, so it was really surprising to see lots of spooky treats & decorations and people dressed up in costumes all over the place. We passed a cafe where all the baristas were wearing pumpkin costumes, and I rode the subway one morning next to two “dead” school girls, complete with zombie contact lenses, presumably on their way to school. Hard core!

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