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I had to do a double-take when I looked at my calendar this morning – seriously, how is June half over already? So much goofing off to do and so little time! Jillian at Cornflake Dreams had the fun idea of writing up a summer bucket list, so here are 10 things I will be doing this season, by hook or by crook:

  1. Picnics in the park. And if it’s too hot to trudge over to said park, then picnics on the living room floor with the A/C on
  2. Try at least five flavors at the newly opened Ample Hills ice cream shop, starting with The Elvis Impersonator
  3. Get in some beach time with our fun friends in Savannah, Georgia
  4. Ride the iconic Cyclone rollercoaster at Coney Island (so not looking forward to this one)
  5. Get our building’s rooftop patio in order so we can fire up the grill for BBQ fun
  6. Shenanigans in the wilderness! Camping, hiking, white water rafting, kayaking – anything that involves not sitting in front of a computer
  7. Cook my very first lobster dinner. Every lobster I’ve ever had was either from a restaurant or made by my mother. That ends this summer
  8. Go berry picking and make a pie from scratch with our tasty loot
  9. Finish decorating our apartment even though we moved in well over a year ago (don’t judge)
  10. Hit up as many street fairs as humanly possible – I fully embrace the chaos of cheap trinkets, screaming vendors, and fried greasy foods
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Who couldn’t use a little furry sidekick to help ease a case of the Mondays? This shirt by dandyrions offers all of the cuteness of a fox stole without any of the guilt (or creepiness). Even PETA must agree!

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Mexcellent t-shirt from I Sell T-Shirts | I Love Taco magnet from Zazzle | Taco Yummy Pocket from Neato Shop

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Especially to my dear friend Jill, for whom this day is pretty much like Christmas, 4th of July, and New Years all rolled into one. She bought this hilarious taco suit for Halloween (her love for Mexican food is unparalleled), and has managed to find no less than 10 other occasions to wear it. It’s always a hit wherever we go, and I’m forever amazed at the number of jaded New Yorkers completely unfazed by a giant walking taco – gotta love this city.

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ChumBuddy sleeping bag from Patch Together | Here Birdie, Birdie Bird House from ModCloth | Face mug via Found Shit | Skitsch fish bowl from panik

These finds cracked me up as I put this post together – I just can’t resist anything with a clever, quirky edge! Snacking on tasty treats is one of my favorite pastimes, and I think I’ve found some new friends who would be happy to join me…well the shark can’t come, on account of the whole people-chomping habit. He does look unbelievably cozy though, no?

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Your poor cat may have tried to hide this post from you before you got the idea to turn him into a unicorn, but these funny crocheted hats from xmoonbloom are too cute not to share. Happy Friday!

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Mustache collection tote bag The Bold Banana | Mischievous salt and pepper shaker from paperdoll woodshop | Mustache napkin rings from Modern Dose | Mischievous mustache monkey from Friends of Socktopu

One of my co-workers has a sign by her desk that says “I [picture of a mustache] you a question”. I mustache you a question. Are you groaning yet? I giggle to myself every time I walk by it.

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