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gallery wall

Ta dah! I present to you our new gallery wall! This is a MAJOR achievement in our household because Hubs and I have a habit of collecting fabulous prints, framing them, and then…stacking them in a sad and dusty pile in the corner for an embarrassing amount of time. What’s the point of buying art work if the only one who can see it at eye level is the dog?

Continue on our home tour by visiting: my desk and our kitchen!

PS. If you’re thinking about creating your own gallery wall, I found that using paper cutouts to plan out the layout was extremely helpful. Have some toothpaste on hand as well.

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Happy Friday! I’m featured in Holly’s fun Lovely Little Lots series today, where I’m sharing a bit about my workspace, aka blogging station. Head on over to GlamourMash for more pics!

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chalkboard spice rack

Our apartment was used as the model unit while the building was holding open houses, and for that, we got a few perks – one of which is a floor to ceiling chalkboard wall in our kitchen. Jackpot! It’s definitely a highlight of our home, and since I don’t have the chalkboard artistry of the awesome Dana Tanamachi, I recently udpated it with a simple pattern of crosses that I spotted in this lovely Pinterest find. Let’s call it umm minimalist?

The spice rack is something we cobbled together on a whim after we moved in and discovered that teeny jars would be completely lost in the kitchen’s extra deep drawers and shelves. Our solution? Ribba Picture Ledges from IKEA! Everything fits perfectly, and it’s so convenient to be able to reach out and grab whatever you need while cooking. Plus, if you squint ever so slightly, the colorful labels look like an abstract painting against all that dark paint :-) Functional kitchen art at its finest!

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