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5 chic wearable tech pieces

1. Hate having to constantly check your phone for an expected call or text message? Ringly is a line of gorgeous precious and semi-precious statement rings that vibrate and light up when a customized notification pops up! You can go about your life without being tethered to your phone and STILL be alerted when the Uber you ordered has arrived – so cool!


2. I own a mini external battery that gives my iPhone an extra boost when needed, but I rarely remember to bring it out with me! The QBracelet nips that problem in the bud by looking so damn sleek you’ll want to wear it every day. Pull open the clasp to reveal an Apple lightning connector (à la James Bond) and plug in your phone to start charging!

Q Bracelet

3. The beautifully crafted Leoht handbag is for the tech savvy lady who also rocks an incredible wardrobe. It boasts six unique features, from a built-in battery that charges your phone/tablet to LED lights embedded along the interior – no more blindly fumbling around your purse in search of keys!

Leoht purse

4. For the minimalist, there’s the Everpurse Mini, a cute hard shelled clutch/wallet with a phone dock embedded right into its backside. This clever design allows you to use your phone as it charges, uninterrupted!

Everpurse Mini

5. If you’re prone to turning lobster red under the hot summer sun, you’ll want to pick up one of these jeweled June bracelets. It measures your sun exposure throughout the day and gives real-time sun protection advice via your smartphone! You won’t have to guesstimate when to move your butt into the shade or when you need to reapply sunscreen – all that pertinent info will be in the palm of your hand!

June Netatmo bracelet

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awesome travel iphone apps

I’m excitedly counting down to our trip to Asia, which means I’ve been going a little overboard loading up my iPhone with some extra apps to help make our trip go as smoothly as possible. Here are a few I’m finding particularly useful as we make our final travel preparations:

1. Wunderlist is to-do list app that I’ve been using to keep tabs on all the things I want to do, see, and eat – not just for vacation, but at home here in NYC as well! You can also share your lists with traveling companions, so they can contribute and collaborate at will – much easier than emailing back and forth a zillion times!

2. I’m anticipating a lot of “Ok so now where do we go—OH NO, NO INTERNET” type of moments, so CityMaps2Go will surely be a life saver. It makes detailed maps of various cities available offline, so they’re accessible without a data connection!

3. If you ever find yourself in a last minute “I should probably know some crucial words while visiting a foreign country” panic, then Learn Japanese (which is available in a lot of other languages) is for you! It provides audio snippets of simple phrases and words that one would legitimately use in a real life scenario, so you can memorize them without having to learn the language in its entirety. And in a worst case scenario, you could just play the clips to someone in a desperate attempt to ask “Where is the bathroom?”, although I really hope it doesn’t come down to that!

4. Word Lens is an incredible app that translates words in REAL TIME as you scan them with your phone. I screamed “What is this sorcery!!” the first time I tried it. The translations are definitely not always accurate, and it works far better for large standalone text than for a paragraph in a book, but the technology behind it is pretty darn impressive. In the screenshot above, it translated the title page of my copy of “Le Petit Prince” to “The Small Prince”. Close enough!

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favorite iphone apps 2013

Here are a few iPhone apps I’ve been glued to lately, and here’s hoping that you’ll find them useful too!

1. The perfectionist in me can sometimes make me pick, pick, pick at certain things until what should be a simple task takes forever and a day. To combat this, I’ve been using 30/30, which allows me to create to-do lists with allotted times for each item. When the alarm goes off, I have to move onto the next thing, and working against the clock makes me dawdle less.


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custom Caseable iphone case

Okay so technically caseable had a whole lot more to do with creating this iPhone cover than me, but I helped a little! They’re a Berlin & Brooklyn based company that creates handcrafted media cases from recycled materials (bonus!), so I was totally pumped when they offered me a chance to create a custom iPhone case of my very own. Who says no to that??

I made a simple pattern of colorful stripes in Photoshop and navigated my way through the caseable design interface, which was very straightforward to use. The entire process pretty much consisted of uploading my image, stretching it to fit over the phone template as I saw fit, and then…waiting impatiently for my case to arrive. That’s it!

The verdict? I really love that the stripes wrap all the way around the edges, instead of just being slapped onto the back, and the matte finish has a nice subtle texture to it. I’ve been using it ever since I received it several weeks ago – the vibrant colors are just perfect for summer :-) Thank you, caseable!

PS. If you’re not into making your own design, you can also peruse their collection of stylish iPhone cases.

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cool iPhone docks

Ice Phone from Red5 | Ozaki iSuppli Gramo iPhone Speaker from Audio Cubes | Hand Form iPhone Dock from Kimpton Style | Driftwood iPhone Charging Dock from UncommonGoods | Alarm Dock from Areaware

Before I had a smartphone, I would often go about my life and completely forget to check my phone for a day or two at a time. Now that I’m armed with an iPhone, I can’t stop fiddling with it all the time – texting, taking pics, playing games, reading articles, making sure I drink enough water, etc. It’s kind of bumming me out lately! I’m hoping a cute phone stand will encourage me to “set it and forget it” more often when I’m home…fingers crossed!

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helpful iphone apps

I didn’t get an iPhone until this past winter, so I’m just starting to get into the apps craze that’s been going on…for years now. Among all the games and other goofy time wasters I’ve downloaded, there are a few I’ve actually found to be quite helpful and thought I’d share my finds!

1. I definitely don’t drink enough water every day, so Plant Nanny has been super helpful in my quest to keep hydrated. You select a cute seedling and receive reminders throughout the day to drink up, which keeps your plant watered and happy. If you miss your quota too often, your poor plant friend shrivels up!

2. Happier promotes positive thinking by collecting and organizing happy moments from your day – everything from tasty treats and time with friends to work-related successes. It’s funny how quickly your bad mood disappears when you focus on the good things in your life, no matter how small.

3. My purse used to be full of notes written on random bits of paper, but not anymore now that I’ve discovered Sticky notes! Write down important things on these digital Post-its, and you can view them directly on your lock screen for easy access.

4. Like most New Yorkers, I walk everywhere I go, and I’ve often wondered exactly how much mileage I rack up in any given day. I’m sure there are lots of pedometer type apps out there, but Map My Walk is GPS-based and has been really simple to use thus far. Actually knowing some stats about my walking makes me want to push it a little further every day!

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