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quirky kitchenware roundup

1. Nessie Ladle | 2. Help! Small Spoons Set | 3. Melting Mugs | 4. Nut Case | 5. Stars Cutting Board | 6. Go-To Dishes | 7. Cactus Oven Glove

Thank you for all the sweet comments on my recent baby news! This monumental life change is still sinking in for me, despite my growing baby bump, and your encouraging words have quelled some of my mama-to-be anxiety :-) I can’t wait to share some nursery tidbits (AKA a corner of our bedroom) once the place actually looks presentable in some shape or form. Now back to business!

I love inviting friends over for dinner because A) I like feeding people and B) It gives me an excuse to stock up on kitchenware – drool! (Is it weird to drool over this kind of stuff?) I dream of one day having a kitchen with endless cabinet space just to contain all the quirky glasses, serving platters, and cake stands that are forever catching my eye. And you bet your butt every single item in this round up would be on my shopping list. Those melting mugs are so cool, err hot – I want one in every color!

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fun kitchen products round up

1. Fox Patterned Embossed Rolling Pin from Valek Rolling Pins | 2. Bottle Grinder Spice Mill Set from LEIF | 3. Glass Pot from MoMA Store| 4. Bunny Chopping Board from Let It Reign | 5. Kujira Humpback Whale Knife from Hand-Eye Supply | 6. Take Out Serve Bowl from CB2 | 7. Ravioli Spoon Rest from Monkey Business

I’m generally in charge of dinner at our house, which is awesome 99% of the time! I love trying new recipes and putzing around the kitchen, plus I REALLY love going to the grocery store (please tell me I’m not the only one). But there are days when the thought of whipping up some food feels “meh”, and en extra boost of fun is required…like say, with the help of a bunny cutting board?? Here are a few whimsical kitchen products that will help make work in the kitchen feel like play!

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pretty tea towels

Odyssey Tea Towel from Naka Store | Mrs. Tea Towel from 2Modern | Handy Tea Towel from Donna Wilson | Queens Wood Tea Towel from Citta Design

These tea towels are way too gorgeous to be banished to a life of drying dishes and wiping up spills – I’d frame these beauties on our walls instead!

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cool salt and pepper shakers

1. Snow Globe Salt & Pepper Shakers from Perpetual Kid | 2. Footed Salt and Pepper Shakers from UncommonGoods | 3. Futura Salt & Pepper Shakers from Jonathan Adler | 4. from | 5. Two Peas In A Pod Salt & Pepper Shakers from Amazon | 6. from | 7. Fluo Salt & Pepper Shaker Set from Fitzsu

Here I go, here I go, here I gooo again. Oops sorry, my inner 80’s child comes out whenever I hear the words salt and pepper together. While I have a Shoop dance party by myself (a common occurance around here), here are some whimsical S + P shakers to dress up your table! Which one is your favorite? #2 tries SO hard to pass as a ho hum set that I can’t help but laugh.

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Homemade Cookie Jar from Crate and Barrel | Owl Cookie Jar from West Elm | Mama Bear Ceramic Cookie Jar from The Whitney Museum Store | Sweet Tooth Cookie Jar from DIGS

Something about fall makes me want to bake all the live long day – I’m just dying to make these “Halfway to Heaven” peanut butter cookies! Having one of these cute cookie jars in the kitchen might actually keep these sweet treats around for a few days…instead of, you know, on a one way street to my stomach.

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chalkboard spice rack

Our apartment was used as the model unit while the building was holding open houses, and for that, we got a few perks – one of which is a floor to ceiling chalkboard wall in our kitchen. Jackpot! It’s definitely a highlight of our home, and since I don’t have the chalkboard artistry of the awesome Dana Tanamachi, I recently udpated it with a simple pattern of crosses that I spotted in this lovely Pinterest find. Let’s call it umm minimalist?

The spice rack is something we cobbled together on a whim after we moved in and discovered that teeny jars would be completely lost in the kitchen’s extra deep drawers and shelves. Our solution? Ribba Picture Ledges from IKEA! Everything fits perfectly, and it’s so convenient to be able to reach out and grab whatever you need while cooking. Plus, if you squint ever so slightly, the colorful labels look like an abstract painting against all that dark paint :-) Functional kitchen art at its finest!

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